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What is the most favorite food in Poland ?. Wrong. its Aromas Shaksuka !

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1 What is the most favorite food in Poland ?

2 Wrong. its Aromas Shaksuka !

3 Join the A roma I nternational Family Poland

4 As an investor looking for a good franchise opportunity you are probably looking for…

5 Your check list Market potential A true and tested profitable retail concept A strong brand Competitive advantage Universal Experienced management team to back you up A growing market with great potential

6 The Polish market is more than ready

7 The coffee market in Poland facts, figures & opportunities There are about 500 cafes in Poland. Coffee market in Poland recorded a six times increase in the last 10 years. Polish coffee market is estimated for 1,5-2 billion Polish zloty. The first Starbucks café was opened in 2009. Now there are 9 cafes in Poland. Among the fans of this drink as much as 76% declared commitment to pre-ground coffee. Sources :,3126.html

8 The Aroma concept 17 years of world wide success

9 F Fast Service Q Quality Coffee & Food V Value for Money

10 Aroma is a high-volume, high-traffic, high quality and reasonably priced retail coffee and food service, offering the combined selection of superior Counter Service and Take-Out convenience. Black, white and Red

11 Each aspect of the chains concept is designed to achieve excellent customer satisfaction, to encourage repeat business and establish brand name recognition. Excellent Concept

12 Excellent Price/Value Ratio We are proud to offer quality products for affordable prices. Our menu offers the best-perceived value in the industry.

13 The brand

14 The Brands Story Aroma is an international espresso bar chain providing a unique experience in the dynamic urban culture. With a solid history of 17 years and over 140 branches around the world, Aroma is a leading coffee brand. Aroma, creates a unique experience and affordable chic.

15 Distinctive Image We devote tremendous effort in branch design. Each of our locations is unique, yet carries the distinctive recognizable, up-scale and contemporary image of Aroma.

16 Originality Our propriety recipes created to achieve harmony of taste, by emphasizing superior qu a lity, nutritional balance, and cultural diversity.

17 Competitive advantage What makes Aroma Unique in the polish coffee arena ?

18 Fresh Bread and Fresh Coffee bake our breads on premises to guarantee our freshly prepared sandwiches. We roast our own premium beans to ensure customers a consistent and superior cup of coffee every time at every location.

19 Only at Aroma Everything is ready on order

20 Universal

21 Aroma is a Vibrant Urban Culture! Anywhere in the world

22 New York,Los Angeles,Toronto, Ontario Kiev,Warsaw, Tel Aviv

23 Experienced management team to back you up

24 High Standards of Operation We have developed systems to achieve the highest management and operational standards in the industry.

25 Commitment To Customer Service We are committed to provide our customers with a clean environment and with friendly efficient service. The quality of our employees interaction with customers is critical to our repeat business and long- term success.

26 Experts in finding the best Locations Aromas branches are conveniently located in high volume, high traffic areas to provide our customers with a relaxing moment during their busy schedules.

27 The Polish market is thirsty for quality coffee

28 Thank you.

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