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Timberhill Athletic Club

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1 Timberhill Athletic Club
Marketing Plan Presentation Presented by: Amy Carico, DJ Cook, Katie Locke, Gregg Smith

2 Mission Statement Timberhill Athletic Club’s mission is to provide a community of health, fitness, and fun for all members of all ages

3 Timberhill Recommendations
Café (smoothies & wraps) Soccer field Cooperation with Timberhill Realty Indiviual marketing ventures catering to each class and/or event Automatic bill pay Cooperative relationships with GNC & Timberhill Tennis Club Personal shopper Car wash Community involvment Website color change Maintain Value of Membership

4 Who’s Who @ TAC Randy Huber Murray Slayer Randy Cummings Rob Durbin
Owner-Club Manager Murray Slayer Membership Coordinator Randy Cummings Membership/Management Liaison Rob Durbin Athletic Director

5 Who’s Who @ TAC (cont’d)
Sharon Welty/Kandle Battrick/Paige Dinsmore Nutritionists/Massage Therapists Bea Espinola Crampton Playroom Director Shannon Brown/Jean Copeland Aerobics/Aquatics Directors Stephen Sackmann Fitness Director

6 Flexible Membership $48 $75 $102 $54 $83 $112 $50 $76 $105 $80 $120
*All prices are monthly Single Couple Family Full Club Membership $48 $75 $102 Health Club Membership $54 $83 $112 Daytime Use Senior Discounts $50 $76 $105 Monthly Temporary $80 $120 $160 *Membership joining fees vary at different levels of membership.

7 Competitor’s Rates $52 $72 $92 $62 $82 $102 $36.66 $53.33 $60
*All prices are monthly Single Couple Family Fit-for-Life $52 $72 $92 Month-to-Month $62 $82 $102 One Year Prepay $36.66 $53.33 $60 Rapid Results *Prices for Corvallis Fitness Center, an Intra-type Competitor

8 Café/Soccer Field Café Soccer Field Benton County Regulations
3-Compartment Sink Expansion Soccer Field Space Constraints Competition with other fields in and around Corvallis

9 Cooperation with Timberhill Realty
TAC has established a strong working friendship with Timberhill Realty. TAC member/Timberhill Realty employee TAC is the recommended workout facility in Corvallis.

10 Breaking It Up Timberhill Athletic Club can benefit by advertising each component of their club independently. This will help them reach specific audiences instead of mass marketing to everyone. Court Activities Weights Aerobics Aquatics Cardio 50+ Programs Youth Programs Mind & Body *More emphasis on divisions that add more value than others.

11 Making Life Easy Pay your dues automatically. Electronic funds
Paying manually raises your dues $6 per month.

12 The Fitlife Club Network is a group of high quality clubs spread across Montana, Oregon, and Washington that have agreed to participate in reciprocal programs for their members. Examples of Club Quality: RiverPlace Athletic Club (Portland) Courtsports Athletic Club (Springfield) Seattle Athletic Club (Downtown Seattle) The Women’s Club (Missoula, MT)

13 Cooperative Relationships
Through Fitlife, Timberhill Athletic Club has cooperative relationships with: Coca Cola (Beverage service) Unisource (Janitorial products) Office Depot (Office supplies) Fitness Pak Insurance (Property/Liability Insurance) Petra Hygenics (Toiletries)

14 TAC Personal Shopper Timberhill Will Charge:
Timberhill Athletic Club realizes that there is never enough time in the day, so why waste it shopping? TAC will have someone else deal with the stresses of everyday life by implementing a personal shopping service that will do your grocery shopping while you lift weights, take a swim, or spend quality time with your kids. Timberhill Will Charge: 10% surcharge on purchases up to $150 15% surcharge on a purchases over $150

15 Car Washing Service To make life a little easier TAC will offer a car washing service for interested members. When you arrive you will have the option of having your car washed by TAC’s well trained staff. Basic car washes will start at $10, while inner windows, detailing and waxing would cost more.

16 Community Involvement
Timberhill AC has a long history of getting involved in the community. By allowing a local club (i.e. Little League, YMCA, schools) to use their car wash service one day a month, TAC will be giving back to the community once again. 25 Cars * $15 = $375 The car wash service is more about offering a convenience to the members of the club rather than making money. If a local club washes 25 cars a day with the basic wash they will make $375 towards their cause. Members will also appreciate giving back, since many of them come from the small community of Corvallis.

17 Website Design Timberhill feels that their website will be more effective for their members if: They change the shades of their logo for the next 3-5 years to refresh the look of the brand image They change the homepage to correlate with the seasons (i.e. fall leaves, winter snow, summer pool etc.) They create a message board to build brand community They implement these changes while leaving the basic structure of the website the same

18 Maintaining Value of Membership
Referral Benefits ID3D Hand Key Recognition System 6,000 Members (increasing by 50-55/month) Murray Slayer Membership Coordinator Member Expert

19 Cooperation with GNC & TimberhillTennisClub
Timberhill sells more nutrition bars than supplements. Supplements are made by independent company Collaboration with tennis club is not available at this time.

20 Conclusion Personal shopper Car wash Community involvement
Website color tone change Maintaining value of memberships

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