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Lacrosse Nova Scotia Society. The Lacrosse Nova Scotia Society (LNSS) is a non-profit organization that acts as the recognized lacrosse authority throughout.

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1 Lacrosse Nova Scotia Society

2 The Lacrosse Nova Scotia Society (LNSS) is a non-profit organization that acts as the recognized lacrosse authority throughout the province of Nova Scotia. The LNSS are members of the Canadian Lacrosse Association and are a member in good standing with Sport Nova Scotia. The LNSS is committed to providing not only a safe and fun filled playing environment but also a sport environment that promotes equal opportunity and prohibits discriminatory practices. The LNSS is working to implement lacrosse programs across Nova Scotia and insure all groups of persons have the opportunity to play the game. The LNSS is committed to providing a lacrosse environment that encompasses fair play and equality for all participants. The LNSS is committed to branding lacrosse as the number one sport of choice in Nova Scotia and increasing participation at all levels including womens programs, and aboriginal programs. The LNSS is committed to securing and providing, funding and equipment for those athletes and clubs in financial need. The LNSS is the voice of lacrosse in Nova Scotia, your involvement and feedback is critical to our growth. Stay informed, stay active, stay involved!

3 Strategic Plan Update Vision for 2012 Provincial Championship at the club level hosted throughout the Province Regional development Strong Relationship with the NSSAF Facility issues addressed Lacrosse a major-primary vs secondary sport in Nova Scotia NCCP coaches in all clubs/teams (high performance) Full time staff positions 5000 participants Participation at all national championship events (A pool) Effective sponsorship program Expose Nova Scotia teams/players Financial stability increase budget Quality and quantity of referees and coaches to meet growth and demand Succession program for Board and committee - Board development Lots interprovincial/international comp - exposure Budget/committee/Board structure that enables LNS to accomplish annual plans Pro franchise in Nova Scotia FUN!! Programs - focus - entry level opportunities FUN - POSITIVE Experience for all!!

4 Key Areas (12-18 months) Coaching Set up Coaching Committee – completed Recruit Junior players to mentor experienced coaches – coach mentor program from the CLA being released in January 2009. Increase number of coaching facilitators from 2-4 Increase the number of coaches attending clinics and completing manual (certification) – improvement in manual completions in 2008 Create and implement a coaches code of conduct

5 Key Areas (12-18 months) Officiating Create Officiating Committee - completed Based on the CLA parent handbook, develop and conduct education sessions for parents of each association – advertise during registration Identify a new representative for NOCP committee Develop a mentor/support program for younger/new officials – experienced officials in each club boundary Recruitment for all disciplines – box/field

6 Key Areas (12-18 months) Arena Supervision Establish an Arena Supervision program & Training Session Clubs to identify volunteers/participants for the program Ensure supervision for all games Associations have membership (parents & players) sign code of conduct sheets Develop and ensure poster re. code of conduct is in all lacrosse facilities

7 Key Areas (12-18 months) Player Development High Performance Establish a high performance committee to develop an action plan and 2008/2009 priorities for high performance player development consistent with the CLA LTAD Participation Establish a participation committee to develop an action plan and priorities for participation player development consistent with the CLA LTAD Goalie Development Determine in goalie development will be incorporated into the high performance and participation plans or be stand alone

8 Key Areas (12-18 months) Funding/Financial Resources Create a sponsorship/marketing committee - completed Develop a marketing strategy to promote the sport provincially – in development Develop a LNSS provincial sponsorship package – in development Develop a LNSS provincial communication strategy

9 Facilities – Box & Field LNSS identify a liaison/coordinator with leagues/association and owners re. Issues, needs, etc. Identify an indoor box facility for winter elite training programs and competitions. Identify and discuss options with other sports requiring similar facilities – ongoing discussions. Maintain current facilities Key Areas (12-18 months)

10 Staff Support Ensure current administrative support position – position continued until June 2011 in same capacity. Determine future starting needs and plan to resource Key Areas (12-18 months)

11 Volunteer Management Establish a volunteer management committee to establish a plan Develop a database of volunteers: contact information, experience, interests, etc. Committee recruitment – all committees up and running with a minimum of 3 members – in progress. Revise forms to include recruitment component. Key Areas (12-18 months)

12 Schools/Grassroots Work with existing clubs/associations to conduct a school program in the South Shore and Valley Regions Offer PE class and after school/noon time programs Continue to participate in Sport Fair Develop a model for connecting various states of programs and continuum of opportunities Establish a relationship with the NSSAF to work towards lacrosse as an recognized sport within the NSSAF Key Areas (12-18 months)

13 Competitions – Provincial/Regional Develop a provincial championship hosting package Maintain/enhance the Garnet Knight and Lobster Trap tournaments Host Provincial Championships Key Areas (12-18 months)

14 Club, Association, League Development Conduct a survey with clubs/associations to determine how to enhance communication identify critical issues, how the LNSS can support clubs/associations development. Enhance website (frequent questions, constant updates). Meeting with all clubs/associations to discuss survey results, issues, directions, etc. Update directory/contact sheet for clubs/associations. Key Areas (12-18 months)

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