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Club Health Check Results 2011-2012 10 February 2012.

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1 Club Health Check Results 2011-2012 10 February 2012

2 On the following pages you will find the results of the Sports Fusion 2011-2012 Club Health Check. The purpose of the Health Check was to identify where the Cities Sports clubs are ‘thriving’ and conversely to identify where clubs are ‘out of shape’. As a part of the Club Health Check we also asked clubs to examine their relationships with key providers in Sports Fusion. Results have also been included in this presentation In the 2011-2012 Health Check our target was for 80% of the clubs to ‘say yes’ to each assessment criteria. This target is identified as a red line on each graph. Any assessment with a score over 80 has exceeded expectations and is an example of an area where clubs are not only healthy but ‘thriving’. In each area of assessment key findings have been listed for your information. These findings (opportunities to improve health) will be used to develop new Sport Fusion initiatives over the next 2-3 years. If your club did not participate in the check-up you are still able to do so. Simply visit the Club Health Check Tab under Sports at for further details. Sports Fusion Club Health Check

3 Key findings Relationship Management




7 Key findings Financial Management ‘Thriving’ 1.82% of clubs apply for grants. 2.100% of clubs seek sponsorship. 3.97% of clubs fundraise to generate income ‘Out of shape’ 1.Only 50% of clubs have any sort of sinking fund to allow for repair/maintenance of facilities/equipment.

8 Key findings for Volunteers ‘Thriving’ 1.85% of clubs have regular communication with volunteers. ‘Out of shape’ 1.Although a large % of clubs have taken the time to identify roles/responsibilities and skill sets required in these roles only 16% have an induction process to train their volunteers and 27% a process to appraise them and develop any skill gaps. 2.Only 27% of clubs had a system in place to attract and replace volunteers. 3.Only 35% of clubs sought feedback as to why volunteers were leaving.

9 Key findings Planning ‘Thriving’ 1.75% of clubs participate in the Sports Planning Process ‘Out of shape’ 1.Only 42% of clubs have a strategic plan that documents what they want to achieve. 2.Only 32% of clubs who have a strategic plan consider the sports state/regional strategic plans in developing their strategic plan. 3.Only 53% have an operational plan. 4.Only 56% of clubs that have taken the time to develop an operational plan review it at the end of the season to determine how they have gone in achieving their objectives.

10 Key findings Marketing & Media ‘Thriving’ 1.83% of clubs have a website which they update regularly. ‘Out of shape’ 1.Only 26% of clubs forward their Newsletter to key stakeholders outside the club (Eg Council, sponsors, elected members). 2.Only 29% of clubs have a Marketing Plan in place. 3.Only 40% of clubs circulate media releases.

11 Key findings Legal & Risk ‘Thriving’ 1.78% of clubs conduct risk and safety checks on facilities and/or equipment. ‘Out of shape’ 1.Only 48% of clubs have a risk management plan. 2.Only 53% of clubs have developed a Sun Smart Policy.

12 Key findings Management & Governance ‘Thriving’ 1.86% of clubs believe that they have an atmosphere of cooperation, trust and respect and work as a team with common goals. 2.97 % of clubs believe that they provide a welcoming environment. 3.84% of clubs have attended every Grassroots Summit. ‘Out of shape’ 1.Only 28% of clubs have any sort of succession plan. 2.Only 39% of Management Committees report on their performance to their members. 3.Only 44% of clubs offer healthy eating options in their canteen.

13 Key findings Facility & Equipment Maintenance ‘Thriving’ 1.95% clubs reported that the grounds surrounding their facility were well maintained. 2.82% implement training practices that spread wear & tear on fields. 3.90% of clubs believe that their leased facility is kept clean & tidy ‘Out of shape’ 1.Only 55% of clubs conduct a preventative maintenance check each year. 2.Only 52% of clubs have a replacement plan for key items of equipment.

14 Sports Fusion Club Health Check


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