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Unit 33 Hospitality and Tourism Content Standards (33.3.1, 33.3.4, 33.3.8) The Hotel Maintenance and Engineering Divisions are “Going Green”

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1 Unit 33 Hospitality and Tourism Content Standards (33.3.1, 33.3.4, 33.3.8) The Hotel Maintenance and Engineering Divisions are “Going Green”

2 What does this mean? –Produce less waste –Recycle –Save energy –Buy and use sustainable products –Decrease pollution levels –Use less toxic chemicals

3 The Green Movement Came from the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, held in June 1992 All over the world people are becoming more aware of our resources and are trying to save our land, air and water A “green” hotel uses resources wisely, incorporating energy, water, recycling and waste

4 Why do we need to control our resources? More hotels and resorts are being built and remodeled More people are staying in hotels and resorts Energy costs have increased

5 How will the hotels control their resources? By developing Energy Management Systems (EMS)

6 What is an Energy Management System? Computers and other electronic devices to control peak (high) power demand.

7 The devices control: Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) throughout the building as needed –Photoelectric sensing to control lighting –All other aspects of energy use in the operation (water use)

8 Why is it important to use good energy practices? People will learn ways to conserve energy and water They will use up to 20% less energy

9 Using good energy practices…. Equipment and systems will last longer and perform better Lodging guests will be more comfortable due to better air and water quality Properties will be able to control costs better by having fewer emergency repairs

10 Who makes the rules for lodging properties? All lodging properties must follow the rules and regulations of the federal government

11 What governmental agency monitors proper disposal of waste? The Environmental Protection Agency… commonly known as the EPA

12 What are the different methods of waste disposal? Landfills –90% of U.S. garbage is in landfills Incinerators Deep wells in the earth

13 What are the classifications of waste? (33.3.1) Physical, chemical, biological Consistency Another Classification –Hazardous Toxic properties Flammable –Non-hazardous Pose no threat to human health and the environment, and example is household garbage –Special waste Radioactive medical

14 Hotel waste is made of two components Biodegradable –Landscape waste, food waste, paper waste, biodegradable plastic Non-biodegradable –Plastic, aluminum, glass, other metals

15 What are some ways to reduce waste? (33.3.4) Staff training –Let all employees know that there is a program in place to save energy, recycle trash. –Alert guests that they can help reduce water, electricity, and disposable items waste

16 How much hotel waste is created in the state of Florida each year? This busy tourist state estimates 20 million visitors stay at hotels each year –The waste generated by these guests makes up a huge portion of Florida’s waste stream –One large property can generate 8 tons of waste per day –The same is happening in all large tourist states all over the country

17 Can some waste be reused and recycled? Hotel waste materials recovered at recycling programs include: –Cardboard –Office supplies –Printer cartridges –Newspaper –Telephone books –Linens / Towels

18 Recycled waste continued….. –Plastic bottles –Landscape waste –Magazines –Furniture –Steel and aluminum cans –Computers –Food waste –Building materials –Appliances

19 What is E-waste? Electronic Equipment –The fastest growing waste stream in the country

20 What areas or divisions in the lodging property can reduce waste? Office areas Food and beverage Guest rooms Swimming pool and spa

21 Convention and meeting rooms Landscaping Maintenance Purchasing

22 Why is it important to be “green”? It is important because: Energy prices Consumer support Socially responsible hotels drive supplier expectations and the business travel markets

23 It is important because… American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA) promotes “green” hotel practices Certification Programs International Hotels Environment Initiative –encourages the development of sustainable tourism practices

24 What do federal and state programs contribute to green hotels? They give economic considerations to hotels for environmental management programs –In other words, they give the green hotels financial breaks for practicing conservation

25 What does the word sustainability mean? To maintain and support environmental resources in the Hotel industry

26 How can hotels with long term conservation programs help? (sustainability): Economic stability Healthy communities Best practices promotion Loyal customer base

27 What do environmentally sound and resource-efficient buildings offer? Healthy, comfortable environment Reduced operation and maintenance costs Waste reduction

28 How can customers participate? (33.3.8) Hotel guests can: – Be socially responsible –Reflect personal value systems, beliefs, and morals by participating in efficiency programs –Participate in recycling

29 Educate guests as a public relations tool –Guest books –Media boards –In-house television Towel / linen programs –Not necessary to change sheets and towels everyday –Use door hangers to alert housekeepers not to change towels –Hang towels on rods after use

30 How can guests reduce waste? Turn off air conditioning, lights, TV, radio Reduce the amount of water used for bathing or showering Participate in hotel recycling programs by placing recyclables in appropriate bins Bring a bag to carry dirty laundry home Leave little bottles and packages of amenities in the guestroom if unopened

31 Leave complimentary newspapers in the lobby Turn off exercise equipment, sauna, whirlpool, jacuzzi when finished Reduce paperwork by checking out via the hotel’s electronic program Carry your own cups and bottled water Avoid room service and carryout

32 What did a Holiday Inn study discover? That guests preferred to stay at a hotel where a towel/linen program is in place …and guests realize that the hotel cares about its community and the earth!

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