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Restaurants Can Take a Bite Out of Energy Costs a.

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1 Restaurants Can Take a Bite Out of Energy Costs a

2 Restaurants and Energy Profit margins for restaurants are often slim; typically only 3-9% of total revenue. Reducing energy use is often an easy way to knock down some of your operating costs. Saving 20% on energy operating costs could increase profit by as much as one third.

3 What Is ENERGY STAR? A program of U.S. EPA and DOE that helps to identify energy efficient products through voluntary labeling. Rates commercial lighting Rates commercial-grade restaurant equipment.

4 ENERGY STAR Lighting Exit Signs Operate on five watts or less per sign, compared to standard signs, which use as much as 40 watts per sign. Can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs. One sign can save about $10 annually on electricity costs and can last up to 10 years without a lamp replacement, compared to less than one year for an incandescent.

5 ENERGY STAR Lighting T-12 to T-8 fluorescent switch-out Compact fluorescents whenever possible LEDs in some applications Timers, sensors and other lighting controls

6 What Type of ENERGY STAR Equipment is Available? Fryers (33 models) Steam Cookers (56 models) Hot Food Holding Cabinets (44 models) Solid-door Refrigerators & Freezers (1080 models)

7 Why Is ENERGY STAR Rated Equipment Better? Range from 25% to 60% more energy efficient Shorter cook times Higher production rates Improved insulation High-efficiency compressors

8 What Else is On the Horizon? Commercial dishwashers One of biggest energy users in kitchen Consumes 2/3 of all water in restaurant Technologies available and specs complete by 2007 Ice makers, Griddles, Ovens, Ventilation hoods, Glass-door fridges and freezers

9 Small Things You Can Do Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps – save up to $34 per lamp. Install a programmable thermostat and use night setback settings – save up to $500. Replace or repair cracked or warped refrigerator or freezer gaskets or hinges – save up to $50 per refrigerator.

10 Bigger Things You Can Do Install a daylighting-control system to be sure you are not providing too much light in your dining area during daylight hours – save up to $700. Replace incandescent or mercury vapor parking lot lighting with high-pressure sodium or metal halide lights – save up to $40 per lamp (add photocells and a timer for additional savings). Replace T-12 lamps and magnetic ballasts with T-8 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts – save up to $16 per lamp.

11 More Bigger Things! Replace your conventional gas fryer with an infrared gas fryer or high-efficiency atmospheric gas fryer – save up to $400 per fryer. Install your walk-in freezer within your walk-in cooler and put vinyl strips over the door. Lay out your kitchen so cold appliances are not near hot appliances.

12 Still More Ideas Invest in low-flow, pre-rinse spray valves to save energy, water and sewage costs. A low-flow pre- rinse spray valve -- which costs about $40 to $60 -- consumes 1.6 gallons per minute rather than the standard 4 gallons per minute. Install a kitchen exhaust system that automatically varies fan speeds. Fan power to heat and cool restaurant kitchens and eliminate smoke accounts for a large portion of an operation's energy bill.

13 How Can I Learn More? ENERGY STAR Special Restaurants page Qualified-products lists Rebate finder and store locator Annual awards program Best Practices Tool for quick and full service restaurants

14 How Can I Learn More? Consortium for Energy Efficiency Commercial Kitchens Initiative Features standards for fryers, solid- and glass-door refrigerators, solid-door freezers, and ice makers.

15 How Can I Learn More? Food Service Technology Center Based in California, specializes in commercial kitchen energy efficiency and appliance performance testing. Developed more than 30 Standard Test Methods for evaluating commercial kitchen appliance performance.

16 How Can I Learn More? Green Star On-line tip sheets, links, and articles. On-site waste assessments and energy audits. Phone and email technical assistance to help answer your questions.

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