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Sustainable Solutions

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Human Resources: We have a strong focus in fostering creative training and work for our employees through research of the best practices of the industry.

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1 Sustainable Solutions
Riu Hotels and Resorts                Sustainable Solutions

2 Mission Statement Sustainable solutions is committed to working with hotels & resorts to provide insights to ensure that the environment is preserved, culture is maintained, employee’s needs are met and sustainable development takes place.

3 How Organize Plan Act Implement Continually Assess Innovate

4 Overview of Industry There is a lot of room for improvement in tourism sector when it comes to meeting the regulations, operations, human resources and environmental compliance. Best practices of sustainability will be implemented into the Riu Hotels: Green Globe 21, Fairmont Hotels as a model and various case studies.

5 Green Globe 21 SECTION 1. Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy SECTION 2. Legislative Framework SECTION 3. Environmental and Social Sustainability Performance SECTION 4. Environmental Management System SECTION 5. Consultation and Communication

6 Human Resources: “We have a strong focus in fostering creative training and work for our employees through research of the best practices of the industry and adopting sustainable practices to encompass all stakeholders in our decision making process”

7 Implement training and programs that consider the local community and environment
Environmental education and ecological training for staff Excursions into the local community Hiring members of the host community

8 Green Globe 21 provides framework to benchmark social performance
measures and monitors performance to achieve ccertification performances based on sustainable social activity and social outcomes for tourism operations. communicates their goals to employees, customers and suppliers of products and services to the organization (Green Globe Limited, 2003).

9 Fairmont as model “To offer our guests the best in hospitality and service, we first need to offer our employees the best. At Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, you'll find outstanding opportunities, training, career development, recognition and rewards.”(Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, 2006). incentive programs and rewards room for growth and adopting several other means to contribute to increased employee morale and in turn productivity. Found that the number one reason employees stay at the Fairmont Hotels and resorts was because they were proud to be associated with them (Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, 2006).

10 Culture & Green Team Incentive Program
Eco-initiatives Addresses challenges in waste and water management, energy conservation and purchasing. Used the Fairmont as a model

11 Shift to sustainability
enhance the services, value, satisfaction level and financial result of the Riu Hotels and Resorts. continue to use efficient training program that already exist. maintain staff loyalty by continually working as a team Incentive programs promotions and room for growth within the company guest involvement increase employee morale and productivity consider the local community, guests and other stakeholders in helping to sustain the community and environment.

12 Marketing Marketing Process - ‘analysis, planning, implementation, and control’ of marketing Analysing- Society becoming more environmentally friendly. New environmental practices leads to larger market share.

13 Product differentiation
Partnerships: Environmental agencies (ex. Eco-club) Promotion through internet sites: Expedia and Google Television ads Promotions for environmental programs within the hotel

14 Promoting environmental programs on the website
Pamphlets inside each of the rooms Green Globe 21 Eco-tax of $3

15 Operations Energy Management Waste Management Water Management

16 “Short term loss, for a long term gain”
Finance “Short term loss, for a long term gain”

17 Costs low flush toilets water savers on taps/showers
organic soaps/ biodegradable soaps Initial staff training energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs High-efficiency air-conditioners. sub meters to aid in detection and repair of water leaks, low-pressure sprinkler systems, and trigger nozzles on water hoses. Green Globe 21 Certification

18 Benefits (cost reductions)
Example: Stats from EAST (a consulting company) when they implemented some of the things were planning to do Energy use was reduced by 12% per guest night. Reduced 1,665,000 kWh of electricity Used 160,000 L less liquid propane gas Reduced water consumption by 50,000,000 gal. Reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 2,140 tons per year. estimated annual savings of US$333,000.

19 Other areas we plan to see benefits from:
reduced staff turnover (training less often) environmental benefits local community benefits (destination remains sustained) Consumer benefits (tourist destination remains sustained, and nice to come back to in years to come)

20 Where to get the money from?
- Eco-tax (take a per cent of the eco tax and put it towards becoming Green Globe certified, water saving taps, low flush toilets, etc.) - Partnerships - Local government (this is beneficial to the destination as well, it saves their environment)

21 Law Green Globe 21 goes beyond meeting compliance and effectively sustains their resources equal standards to each country based on the best practices of regulation that exist within certain countries.

22 Section 2: The Legislative Framework
The organisation shall: 2.1 Maintain current and document relevant environmental, public and occupational health and safety, hygiene and employment legislation, and other requirements to which the organisation is obliged to adhere. 2.2 Commit to compliance with the relevant legislation and other requirements to which it is obliged to adhere. 2.3 Comply with any special guide developed by Green Globe

23 Sustainable Regulations
workers protection and entitlements incentives to employees to help in regulatory movements assessment published on website so that it is easily accessible to the public and other businesses.

24 Ethics Understanding and promotion of ethical values is the foundation of responsible tourism Green Globe and Ethics Implement a new program to allow guests to further educate themselves on the cultural and practices and traditions of the area

25 Information & Communication
Riu PartnerClub Green Globe & Information, Communication Establish an online partnership with environmental agencies Ex. Reef Relief Section on website to offer customers how they can travel ‘Green’ Based on section from Fairmont Hotels website

26 Time Line – Year One Goals
To have 10% of the Riu hotels & resorts become Green Globe affiliates Put recycling bins in all hotel rooms Recycling bins and compost bins in kitchen Planning of Green Team Implement a $3 eco-tax Shampoo dispensers Change light bulbs to energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs

27 Year Two Goals To have 20% more become Green Globe affiliates
Implement water savers on taps and showers Form partnerships with environmental agencies Human Resources training programs Use recycled note paper and paper towels Implementing of Green Teams

28 Year Three Goals To use organic biodegradable chemicals
Low flush toilets Replace air conditioners for new high efficiency ones Low pressure sprinkler systems To have 25% more hotels & resorts become Green Globe affiliates

29 “Sustainable solutions, bringing sustainability to a hotel near you.”

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