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Age 18-34 35-49 50+ 26% 36% 38% 39% Household income of $100k+ 68% College educated 81% Shopped or bought online 55/45 split of female/male 72% are married.

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2 Age 18-34 35-49 50+ 26% 36% 38% 39% Household income of $100k+ 68% College educated 81% Shopped or bought online 55/45 split of female/male 72% are married or living together 1.5 million unique visitors per month 21.7 million page views each month 77% of traffic occurs between 7am-5pm 5.29 pages per visit by viewers… The Boston Channel Source: Google Analytics, Marshal Marketing 2012

3 Top Ten Reasons to Advertise Online 1. Reach Mass reach or niche audience, the internet can do it all. 2. Branch Building Build your brand in the most engaging environment. 3. Relevant The right ad for the right audience at the right time. 4. Creative Offering a kaleidoscope of rich creative opportunities. 5. Engagement Online can get your attention and keep it. For ages. 6. Social People are inherently social and especially so when theyre online. 7. Accountable The internet is the most accountable medium ever. 8. Interactive Enabling brands to respond to and extend engagement with consumers. 9. Real-time Update and improve campaigns in real-time, unique to online. 10. Mobile Brand building on the move, in the palm of your hand. Why Advertise Online?

4 TV, Web & Mobile: An effective multi-screen approach We can assemble a campaign that creates impact and awareness, using all of our station assets.

5 On the Go Wake Up to Newscenter 5 Every morning, more viewers start their day with Newscenter 5 than with any other Boston newscast. Busy professionals get their daily dose of news before heading out the door… Theres no better way to reach the coveted at work audience than with Our online traffic skyrockets Monday-Friday between 9am- 5pm. All Day, Every Day WCVB Mobile The same great content youve come to expect on WCVB-TV… now available on your mobile device in both a news app and WAP mobile website. WCVB-TV With premiere programming including Newscenter 5, Chronicle, and ABC Primetime, viewers round out their day with Channel 5. Evening At Work Morning Now, with the combination of television, online and mobile, you can constantly reach people continuously through each daypart of their busy active lives… using our multi-screen approach.

6 Why & WCVB Mobile: Reach Your Target Audience Theres no better way to reach the coveted at work audience than with Our online traffic skyrockets Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm, and our mobile users tend to use their smart phones heavily during afternoons and evenings. ------ TV ------ Online ------ Mobile

7 Your Source for Breaking News The same news coverage youve come to expect on Newscenter 5 can also be found on Breaking News Local News National News Team 5 Investigates Sports Entertainment provides user with real-time news updates via both video and news updates directly from the NewsCenter5 assignment desk.


9 The same news coverage youve come to expect on Newscenter 5 can also be found on Breaking News Local News National News Team 5 Investigates Sports Entertainment With great features such as live radar and real-time videocasts, the Weather section provides users with a reliable, up-to-the-minute Forecast, straight from Newscenter 5s weather studio. The Chronicle page is loaded with captivating content directly from the countrys longest running news magazine show! Archived segments Upcoming shows Behind-the-scenes slideshows Blogs, and much more WCVB.coms Health page, along with Health Source, align with WCVB-TVs award-winning heatlhcare coverage. Users can catch up on both hard-hitting health news as well as informational lifestyle content affecting us all. The new delivers local content in a much more focused, engaging and useful environment. Live, Local, and Targeted

10 Targeted Reach Source: The Media Audit 2012

11 is… LOCAL A majority of WCVB.coms traffic is derived directly from users within the Boston DMA. This ensures that your advertising campaign message is served up to your target audience. Beware of other local sites boasting large online traffic but with a high proportion of users from out-of-state, thus rendering them useless to your advertising campaign.

12 The Power of TV & Online Together A significant differentiator of is its ability to cross-promote using WCVB-TV. Our proven web driver formula along with consistent on-air promotion helps deliver high traffic to Sources: Internet Broadcasting Study & The Multi-Screen Marketer (IAB)

13 Custom sponsorships are the hallmark of online marketing with We can create an opportunity that will both deliver measurable results and align your business with Our tailored opportunities can include sponsorships featuring multiple sponsors, such as Health Source and LegalEASE, or larger annual entitlements including Real Estate and Health. Real Estate Health Source LegalEASE Health Custom Sponsorships

14 Advertising Options 728x90 leaderboard 300x250 display unit IAB ad units (728x90 leaderboard and 300x250) appear on every page on AD SPECS: Leaderboard: 728x90 pixel ad, 40K max file size Display: 300x250 pixel ad, 40K max file size IAB Ad Units

15 728x90 leaderboard 300x600 foundation ad and 940x40 pencil ad combo The forecast page is one of the most-visited pages on, and features three prominent ad units: 300x600 foundation ad 940x40 pencil ad 728x90 leaderboard Advertising Options Weather Section

16 Creative Executions Hover Ad The Hover Ad anchors itself to the bottom of your browser (above the fold) on any section you target. As you scroll up and down on your sites page, the Hover Ad follows. The Hover Ad gives viewers the choice to collapse the message. When this happens, a client-branded Leave Behind appears at the bottom left of the screen and remains above the fold. AD SPECS: 120 x length of window browser 40K max Flash file, no animation Must have a close button Cannot be viewed in Internet Explorer 6. Not able to be served via third party ads. Hover Ad Unit Collapsed Leave Behind Try it Live! Try it Live! Click herehere

17 Floating Rich Media Creative Executions Floating Rich Media Ads float over the page content, cutting through standard Web ads and immediately engaging the visitor. The ads begin moving over the main content of a site when the page first loads. The ads then disappear after a maximum of 10 seconds and the companion display ad remains on the page. AD SPECS: Display ad 300x250 pixel ad; 30K max Floating Rich Media: 500x300 max, must have a close button, flash, must appear above the fold Try it Live! Click herehere

18 High impact pushdown ads grab the viewers attention by pushing down the title bar and all content on the homepage for an expandable ad impression Rich Media rolls down for approximately 7 seconds on initial page load, then rolls back up. User expansion available in leave behind element. Creative Executions Home Page Push Down AD SPECS: Unexpanded ad is 940x40; 10K max Expanded ad size is 940x300; 30K max 7 seconds total Try it Live! Click herehere

19 Creative Executions Medium Rectangle Display ads are standard sized display ads that play a short video clip within the body of the ad. Size: 300x250 After the video plays, the ad reverts back to the teaser element. In Banner Video 300x250 In Banner Video AD SPECS: :15 second max 4 cycle max Must include a play button Can be Auto-play (click for audio) Quicktime, avi, wmv 40K max, Flash 8 with Action Script 2.0 Try it Live! Click here

20 More and more viewers are watching their favorite ABC Network shows on their computers when they are not able to watch them on TV. The ABC Video Player on has averaged 357,000 programs viewed per month. The audience for what amounts to a private screening is different-- more upscale, and engaged. Because there only four 30 second commercials within the program with only ONE commercial per pod, recall after only one exposure is exceptional along with the viewers' opinion of the sponsoring brands. Advertising Options ABC Video Player :30 second spots in ABC online programming Leaderboard and display ads running in sync with :30 second spots in online programming

21 Online Marketing will never be the same… ADVERTISER BENEFITS Heavy Engagement via a series of interactive links and hotspots within your creative Pinpointed, addressable messaging – tailor your message to different segments Deep analytics and much more now offers Dynamic Interactive Video, a game-changing advertising platform that takes user engagement to an entirely new level. Dynamic Interactive Video boosts online advertising performance by providing new ways to add impact and relevance quickly and easily, creating active views and extended engagement with viewers via sight, sound & motion. Creative Executions powered by Dynamic Interactive Video

22 Creative Executions powered by ENGAGEMENT Increase brand engagement and socialization by adding rich interactive elements to your current videos. Dynamic Interactive Video

23 Video Message CAPABILITIES: Survey Specials New Inventory Printable offer Lead Capture Location Finder Maps & Directions Link to other videos Archive previous videos/commercials Redeemable Coupon Social Media Posting Creative Executions powered by Dynamic Interactive Video

24 The dynamic interactive video unit will reside as an ad unit on Once user rolls curser over the unit, it will expand into a fully interactive video interface. Creative Executions powered by Dynamic Interactive Video

25 WCVB Mobile Recently launched is the new WCVB mobile app. Mobile banner ads are highly effective and are driving great results. 400,000 average monthly visitors 10 million average monthly pageviews Available via the WCVB App as well as WAP site WCVB App available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry Source: Google Analytics, 12 Month Average 2012 Static Mobile Ads

26 Products expand to take over the entire screen of smartphone/tablet (IAB Ad – HTML5 or HTML5 Mobile Banner Ad). WCVB Mobile Expandable Ad Units Expanded unit can include logos, images and photos and can also have interaction the highlight device functionality. Expanded HTML5 Modules can be added to the pages to create dynamic interactive ad experiences through videos, image galleries, puzzles, mapping and lead generation forms. CLICK HERE FOR A DEMO

27 Why Mobile… By 2013, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online. Source: Gartner, 2010 Early adopters of mobile advertising have the benefit of novelty – utilizing this new and effective form of advertising will inject energy into your brand. –1 in 10 mobile web users said they have made a purchase based on a mobile web ad. –23% said they have visited a website because of a mobile ad. –13% said they have requested more information about a product or service after viewing a mobile web ad. –11% said they have gone to a store to check out a product because of a mobile web ad. Source: Online Publishers Association

28 Thank You

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