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TDF MEDIA SERVICES Because we care about your content Julien SELIGMANN – CEO – TDF Media SERVICES TV Puls, Stockholm, January 2013.

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1 TDF MEDIA SERVICES Because we care about your content Julien SELIGMANN – CEO – TDF Media SERVICES TV Puls, Stockholm, January

2 EVERYTHING IS IN THE TV 2 Media Services

3 TDF GROUP TDF is positioned at the centre of the new digital, mobile and multimedia technologies A European Group TDF operates a multi-format terrestrial platform for managing and distributing audio, video and data to all types of receivers Designing and operating telecoms networks sites in Europe 1.4 Bn revenue 3 Media Services TDF is present in France, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Spain and Monaco.

4 MEDIA SERVICES A TDF GROUP BUSINESS UNIT Focus on innovation / digital media Large European footprint Full range of technological services 500 employees customers 4 Media Services MEDIA SERVICES COMPANIES BeBanjo SmartJog Cognacq-Jay Image PSN Qbrick Mediamobile MISSION & STRATEGY To become Europes favourite media solution company Create innovative and multi-device end-to- end solutions for the management, processing, delivery and monetization of video Lead innovation in DTT / OTT hybrid services USP End-to-end solution for OTT and HbbTV platform Single contact point for customers with well packaged products combined with professional services

5 Version 1.5 of the HbbTV specification updated version August 2012 HTTP adaptive streaming based on MPEG- DASH, improves the perceived quality of video presentation on busy or slow Internet connections Protect DASH delivered content with potentially multiple DRM technologies HBBTV Broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment content through connected TV sets and set-top boxes 5 Media Services HbbTV 1.0 specification approved by ETSI in June 2010 (ETSI TS v1.1.1) based on existing web and broadcast components

6 HBBTV PENETRATION IN EUROPE HbbTV adoption and equipment (1) 6 Media Services 90% of TV set manufacturers now embark the HbbTV standard By 2016, HbbTV-compliant TV sets will makeup ~40% of total European TV sets (2) (~120 Million) Usage on French DTT (4Q 2012): 300k HH with a HbbTV TV set and using DTT as primary access mode in France, 21% penetration of Salto On satellite : HD+ developed by SES Astra since Sept-10 Notes: 1) TV set only. Estimates based on Idate Connectable TV set installed base. Assumptions on HbbTV penetration: 20% in 2012 and 60% in 2016 of connectable TV sets 2) Estimates based on Idate and Screen Digest figures Other adoption figures

7 HBBTV : INTERACTIVE SERVICES 7 Media Services Event - Content channel D Create a channel for a specific content (Dora TV, Avatar TV, …), for a specific event (Secret Story 24, Star Academy), a barker channel (FreeVOD, Bytel VOD) Catch up - VOD A Propose non linear content associated to the linear channel (catch up TV) or for premium content as pay service (VOD) Restart C Ability to start a program from the beginning when switching on a new channel HbbTV : Interactivity on channel B Interactivity associated to broadcasted content : Vote, quizz, content portal

8 HBBTV : INTERACTIVE SERVICES 8 Media Services Bolloré / C+ Examples of HbbTV portal Catch-up, video clips Video bonus Examples of FTV innovative services Contextual services (Restart /Salto, voting) Temporary services linked to sport (Olympic Games, Roland Garros French Open) HbbTV portalOn DemandSalto

9 SALTO : RESTART BY FRANCE TELEVISION 9 Media Services A world premiere ! Complete end-to-end solution for restart service on DTT Award winning service : Best innovation and Technology at the AFDESI International ITV Award

10 SALTO : WHAT ? 10 Media Services A new service is now available on DTTV. If you miss the beginning of a program, you can simply restart it, pressing the blue button of your remote control. Available since July 2012 in France The service named SALTO has been launched on the five channels of France Televisions and is available on every HbbTV compatible TV set, everyday from 8.00 pm to pm. Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV is a standard enabling a linear broadcast program to have enriched features thanks to the broadband connectivity.


12 SALTO : USAGE 12 Media Services Salto viewership among the week (daily usage %) Linear channel programmingScreened on SALTO

13 SALTO : BENEFITS & QUALITY 13 Media Services Great user experience Directly available on DTTV No need for a box Stay on the channel and the program restarts. Content is king Program attractiveness drives the audience of the SALTO service … and SALTO drives new audiences to the programs! Large reachable market Service available for free for every user equipped with a compliant TV set and DTT reception (HbbTV 1.1 and HbbTV 1.5) Platform supervision: 24/7 end to end monitoring including CDN Interoperability: Service integration and commissioning on every compliant TV-set Advanced Analytics: Traffic, screened videos, number of users, top rating programs …

14 SALTO : KEY LEARNINGS 14 Media Services LEARNED LESSONS Simplicity of use is paramount! 21% of addressable TV sets have used the service at least once 30 minutes: average screening duration per program Interoperability remains a technical challenge : as no guidelines are provided by the standard, there are various/slightly different implementations of HbbTV among manufacturers and models. This needs to be checked (sometimes adapted) before launching a new service

15 HBBTV : PLATFORM ARCHITECTURE 15 Media Services We provide a complete solution for reaching your audience on all screens On Demand Transcoding & Storage Live Transcoding IP Layout Metadata & ESG Data Content protection (DRM) CDN HbbTV Broadcast Headend Reco & SearchCRM & Billing Back OfficeAnalytics Ad Servers Applications Players Portals HbbTV Sync Prepare and Deliver video and metadata Manage ServicesPublish Services

16 CONCLUSION 16 Media Services TDF Group is a pan-European company with a strong presence in the Nordics region with its subsidiary Qbrick We want to partner with industry players to develop and promote HbbTV and OTT services Well continue leading innovation regarding brand new service as SALTO on HbbTV

17 TDF MEDIA SERVICES 17 Media Services

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