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Promotion in Sports Making the game more entertaining.

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1 Promotion in Sports Making the game more entertaining

2 What can you do to make the game more entertaining? 3 types of game promotions In-Game Half-Time or Quarter Break Theme Nights

3 In-Game Promotions Promotions that occur while the game is in process –Does not include Halftime or Quarter Break i.e.: time-out –Must be Simple and easy to execute May include only the public address announcer

4 In-Game Promotions Examples: Trivia Questions Dirtiest Car in the Parking Lot T-shirt Toss Lucky Winner ticket Drawing Biggest Fan Recognition

5 Half-Time/Qtr. Break Promotions Two Types Single-Game Promotions Season Long Promotions

6 Single-Game Promotions Activities that take place at one game as opposed to promotions that are run over several games or an entire season –Usually run during a quarter brake, half-time, before or end of game –Takes more planning and may require fan involvement

7 Single-Game Promotions Examples: –Concerts –Firework displays –Giveaways –Fan – Fun events »3-point contest »3-legged race »Run the bases »Meet the players »3-legged basketball

8 Season Long Promotions Promotions that continue throughout the entire season. –Can be a single game promotion that you repeat through the entire season –May have winners from one event return to defend their title for the next game –May have winner with the highest score during the season be the winner.

9 Season Long Promotions Examples: 3-Point Contest Field Goal Contest

10 Theme Nights Increase fan attendance by pulling in groups of people who might not otherwise attend the games. Examples: – Fan Appreciation Night –Youth Teams Night –Scout Night –Honor Roll Night –All Sports Night

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