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Differences in Marketing

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1 Differences in Marketing
Section 2.3

2 Sports vs. Entertainment
The differences can be found in three different areas: -Consumer Loyalty -Product -Revenue

3 Consumer Loyalty Occurs when consumers are happy with a company’s product and become repeat customers.

4 Consumer Loyalty Sports Marketers - target a core group of fans and maintain their loyalty. Entertainment Marketers - target each product to a well-defined group.

5 Job of Sports Marketer Find a winning team! Know what consumers want.
Try to Deliver that product.

6 Job of Entertainment Marketer
Find a winning formula! Try to know what consumers want. Create that product.

7 Product Sports – consistency, stability
Entertainment – variability, changeability

8 Revenue Stream Various types of entertainment products lead to a diverse stream of revenue. One sporting event does not usually produce the same amount of revenue as an entertainment event. (with exceptions)

9 The promotion of a company in association with a property.
Sponsorship The promotion of a company in association with a property.

10 Examples Corporate boxes in stadiums. Stadium naming rights.

11 Advertising/Broadcasting
Virtual advertising – has created revenue for sports teams and venues. TV networks make deals with sports leagues for exclusive rights to broadcast games.

12 Examples NBC – Notre Dame ABC – NFL Monday night football
CBS – NCAA Basketball tournament

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