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Ohio State Mens Basketball Attendance Where are all these fans ???

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2 Ohio State Mens Basketball Attendance Where are all these fans ???

3 OSU Mens Basketball Promotions and Advertising Ian Maute Sing Kwok Travis Rockey Kerry Cern Melanie Stambolis

4 Lack of Student Attendance Total number of student tickets available is 4,000 tickets. Only 1,100 students have purchased season tickets this season On average only 850 students attend the games. This number varies depending on the opponent, what day it is, and the time of game.

5 SWOT Analysis Strengths Large Fan Base (Students) New/Modern Arena Established Basketball Program Proximity to Campus Past Success Weaknesses Corporate Dominated Seating Not Fan Friendly Current Team Struggles Lack of Entertainment Near Arena

6 SWOT Analysis Opportunities Large Fan Base (Students) Potential Team Improvement Collaboration with Local Bars and Restaurants Threats Other Forms of Entertainment Other School Activities Work Academic Priorities Low Student Income

7 Basketball Attendance 80 people surveyed Of the 80, only 6 have attended games this season Of the 34 who have ever attended a game: 65% - Atmosphere 23% - School Spirit 8% - Location 4% - Free giveaways

8 Reasons arent attending

9 Additional Survey Results On average attended game with how many other students: 1 to 2 others 56% 3 to 4 others 36% 5+ 8% Ways to get students more interested Lower the price of tickets * More advertisements * Convenience (location and time) Better team

10 Major Focus Major results of the survey and what we are going to focus on to increase students ticket sales: People going to games prefer to go in groups. Creating a better atmosphere. Students also stressed the lack of awareness of events and promotions. Lower ticket prices.

11 What we plan to do… Various Campaigns AND most importantly…Make the games fun!!!

12 Columbus Blue Jackets Finished in last place in their division last year, and are near the bottom this year But….. Rated #1 fan experience of any professional sports team in the country by ESPN The Magazine Average 17,252 fans per game Arena is full of activities for fans to participate in Arena District also offers great entertainment for fans Photographs

13 Promotions Assessment 26 people surveyed 66% agree: promotions will influence their attitude and decision in going to a basketball game. large promotions such as Sweepstakes will be a definite motivator. Types of Promotions: 65% - Bookstore Coupons 54% - Group Rates 38% - Food Coupons 15% - Free T-shirts

14 Atmosphere To enhance experience, we assess preference of half-time entertainment. Types of Entertainment: 34% - Raffle Drawing 31% - Musical Entertainment 23% - Free Throw Competition 12% - T- Shirts giveaway

15 Our Strategy Strategies to entice more students to attend games through promotions. - Large Sweepstakes: 1. Free textbooks for a quarter 2. Free vacation

16 Our Strategy Retention - half-time special events : 1. Raffle Drawing 2. Musical entertainment 3. grand winner drawing at last game of season

17 Our Strategy Collaboration - w/ local stores & businesses: 1. local bars – drink specials promotion 2. restaurants – discounts w/ fan card

18 Our Strategy Awareness - Advertisement: 1. Nuthouse Program 2. Demand for ads

19 Our Strategy Group Rates - pricing mechanisms: 1. Discounts - ex. Buy 3 get 1 50% off 2. Friends Night - free food w/ group ticket purchase

20 IMPLEMENTATION: Advertising Channels: Lantern Over 30,000 copies printed & distributed over campus daily. Maximize exposure within target market (students). Advertise regularly to increase familiarity of brand. Mailings or postcards Selling the big dream of winning spring break trip. Exotic or fun scenes of possible winning destinations. Emails Massive sending to students currently going to the game. Online Newsletter Update fans on team news and latest promotions. Word of Mouth Effective and efficient.

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