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100 200 400 Dr. McDreamy Free Pass Say What? 300 200 400 200 500 100.

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1 Dr. McDreamy Free Pass Say What?

2 100 points Label for student-athlete who did not engage in competition for an entire season Who is a redshirt?

3 100 points Number of complimentary admissions per home or away contest that each student-athlete is eligible for in their sport What is four? Bylaw

4 100 points “Quick Question” Who is Nicole Kenneally?

5 200 points The injury or illness occurs when the student-athlete has not participated in more than this amount What is two contests or 20%? (which ever is greater)

6 200 points A current student-athlete may be provided with three complimentary admissions to a CU event in this situation What is being honored by the institution?

7 200 points “It’s the Real Deal” Who is Will Smith?

8 300 points This information must be documented through the traditional season of the sport program What is contemporaneous medical documentation? Bylaw

9 300 points A student-athlete may receive this number of complimentary admissions to an NCAA Championship, Big 12 Championship, or bowl game. What is Six?

10 300 points “ Awwweeesooommmmeeeee ” Who is Mike Bohn?

11 400 points Scenario- Football player in 11-game season breaks leg in game 5. The student-athlete has met this piece of criteria for a hardship waiver. What is the first half of the season? Bylaw

12 400 points It is permissible for a student-athlete to be provided with a professional sport ticket on these occasions What is an away from home contest/entertainment? Bylaw

13 400 points “Hey guys, these are my guys, you guys” Who is Dan Hawkins?

14 500 points The hardship waiver should be administered by this organization Who is the Big 12 Conference?

15 A coach would like to give a prospect’s parents complimentary admissions to a game without the prospect attending. What is impermissible?

16 500 points “Don’t worry about it, kiddo” Who is Richard Rokos?

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