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Bob Snyder, Editor-in-chief of Channel Media Group Our Keynote speaker. Thinking Outside the PC Box.

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1 Bob Snyder, Editor-in-chief of Channel Media Group Our Keynote speaker. Thinking Outside the PC Box

2 Outside Thinking the PC Box


4 1.An old lady who looks as if she is about to die. 2.A friend who had once saved your life. 3.The perfect man (or) woman you have been dreaming about.

5 Is the PC Dead? And how GRAVE is the situation?


7 But not dead as a Dodo. Remember the Netbook?

8 And it is certainly true that the market is changing…








16 The PCs Biggest Defender is … "Over the last 50 years I have studied and dealt with hundreds of companies…I have seen some awful things done to shareholders. But I have never seen a board conduct a campaign to demean the business prospects of their own company in the way Dell has during the past few weeks. "My simple conclusion is that I believe the PC business is not going away, but the industry is changing."

17 1.Who's going to be in charge of Dell? What's the decision-making structure? 2.How is Silver Lake thinking of value here -- cash in the bank, value of PC business, value of server business, value of other businesses? 3.What role will Microsoft play? 4.Will new Dell get more aggressive in pricing, in R&D, in tablets/phones, etc.? Or will it pull back and just get run for cash and get less aggressive? Big Questions for DELL


19 Googles Chromebook Pixel

20 THIS IS THE CHROMEBOOK THAT IS SELLING…. …the under 200 range!

21 Look inside Google

22 Whats on Googles Mind?..can only be described as Hardware Envy.

23 The Company That Wouldve Dropped Their PC Business New CEO Meg Whitman saved it. Why?

24 Inside the PC/PRINTER company…

25 Last year HP refuted Ozzies claim the market was entering a "post PC" era. Now they appear to be tapping his insight. Post-PC Evangelist Now On HP Board

26 The Reorganization of Microsoft


28 Ballmers reorganization aims to deal with this.

29 Intel Appoints New Leadership; Sets New Priorities

30 Mobile is the new priority… Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and President Renee James

31 Look Inside INTEL

32 Ultrabooks: An Idea Whose Price/Time Has Not Come…Yet! Price drives the pace of how some things will happen, says Steve Dallman, VP Intels Sales and Marketing Group & GM of Worldwide Reseller Channel Organization.

33 The Man Who Would be King Tim Cook Apple CEO …inherited his Throne.

34 Look Inside APPLE

35 10 Years Ago We Wouldve Called This an Oxymoron…

36 The Cisco Strategy


38 Sometimes You Still End Up Back in a Box …the Struggle for Control of the Living Room

39 More Technologies

40 Worlds First Immersive Gigapixel Resolution Display The Reality Deck: a supercomputer-driven 1.5 billion pixel resolution immersive display with a 416-screen virtual reality four-walled surround-view theater.

41 Out of the Box with Cloud

42 Running with Monthly Reoccurring Revenue Be a Managed Services Provider

43 Consumer Electronics Seiki sets a new low with a 50 Ultra HD edge-lit LED LCD TV at $1500 retail compared to $5000 for a Sony.

44 Digital Video Security Hopefully with better brand name than this Chinese company

45 Wearables

46 Google Glass Never Saw This Coming GlassUp costs $399 to Google Glass at $1500. From Italy.


48 The Process of Change

49 Move too fast and without deliberation…

50 Move too slow and without deliberation…

51 BACK to the BUS STOP The candidate who was hired (out of 200 applicants) had no trouble coming up with his answer. He simply answered: "I would give the car keys to my old friend, and let him take the lady to the hospital. I would stay behind and wait for the bus with the woman of my dreams."

52 MORALE of the BUS STOP STORY Think outside the Box. You dont need to sacrifice old friends or give up on family in order to grab hold of your future. In business as in life…

53 Thanks for Listening! Read our channel articles at:

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