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It will blow you away..... Click to proceed......

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1 It will blow you away..... Click to proceed.....

2 Technology that changes everything Entering Orders in standard GP can be time consuming and frustrating unless you happen to know your item codes – not easy if you have thousands of items and a busy customer on the phone.. Lets try an example Hi Id like some of those pizza margheritas I had from you a couple of weeks ago – as long as they are in stock and the price is right

3 Technology that changes everything I am going to search description strings. To do that I first hit CTRL-L(item look-up) from order entry Next I am going hit the binoculars icon to go into advanced search. Now I need 12 mouse clicks to say find me any items with PIZ and also the letter M in the description.

4 Thats narrowed my list to four items but I still dont know availability.. or price.. or which size the customer usually buys and Id have to do more digging around to get hold of all that information.. Lets try that whole thing again with TurboSOP switched on.

5 I just key PIZ+M straight into the item number field and this will bring up a brand new look-up sitting right next to my order screen... Click again to take a closer look at this new sales information screen and what it offers us.

6 Click to proceed..... The T (for Template) tells me which products they have bought before - so we know they usually buy the 10 inch rather than the 14 inch. The P tells me that this item is also on Promotion for this customer (youll need Extended Pricing for this feature) I can navigate up and down the lines with the arrow keys and simply hit enter to drop the line into the order. I can also use the mouse to click and select. The information box at the base of the screen can hold up to fifteen fields of extra info and is fully configurable for individual users Instead of Item Description I could select from many other options including Short Description and Qty available. Multiple drill downs available including Item notes, order history and quantity site breakdown Drill down also to available to promise and promotions if you have the relevant GP features installed I have multiple filters and views available so that for example I only see items on that customers buying list or price contract or items not already ordered today.

7 Order history, When they bought it, how many and how much Lets take a look now at a few of those drill downs in action Available To Promise- whats coming in and going out and when, showing when I can supply Purchase this feature direct from Microsoft Notes Standard GP feature where you can hold item features and benefits Quantities by site – could I supply from another depot or maybe transfer over some stock ? And theres more...>>>. Click to proceed.....

8 If you key in your item direct youll still have access to all that supporting information ( click to proceed) And if the strings you enter are unique to one item

9 .. Then it just translates it and automatically drops that item into the order !.. so simple !

10 TurboSOP will maintain buying history automatically – by ship to address But you can also add an unlimited number of extra buying lists and filter on them in TurboSOP - perhaps for items you are targeting at the customer. You can even restrict customers to purchasing from a specific list of items

11 And there are some bonus features too.. like linked item selling When the customer purchases x-171 I would like to introduce him to other relevant items. This pop-up can appear automatically

12 Getting started is really simple too Step 1 – Generate your template history so that you can easily see who buys what products and drill down to detailed history Step 2 – set up your Sales Info Defaults and tick the Activate box Step 3 – There is no step 3. Youre all done !

13 We are convinced that if you are regularly entering orders in Dynamics GP then TurboSOP will Save you valuable time Reduce expensive errors Reduce callbacks Improve your customer service And maybe even increase your revenue per customer That is why we are offering you a free 60 day evaluation copy of the software with absolutely no commitment to purchase. We would also welcome your feedback on any other good ideas that would further strengthen the solution. And remember..if you are already a user of Customers Templates then the core product ( not including bonus features) is absolutely FREE. Youll find everything else you need back at Thanks for watching. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

14 Did it blow you away too?

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