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RICARDO Prague s.r.o..

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1 RICARDO Prague s.r.o.

2 History of Ricardo 1910 1915 1920s 1931 1930s 1934 1936 1941 1950s 1960s 1970s 1983 1986 1996 2000s 2006 2008 2010 2011

3 Ricardo is a leading automotive consulting firm delivering strategy, technology and production programmes to the global industry Passenger Car High Performance Vehicles & Motorsport Commercial Vehicles Agricultural & Industrial Vehicles Motorcycles & Personal Transportation Marine Rail Clean Energy & Power Generation Defence Government TACOM UK MoD

4 We are located at the heart of the world’s automotive industry
Detroit Prague Shoreham-by-Sea Cambridge Ricardo GmbH Schwäbisch Gmünd, Aachen, Wolfsburg Ricardo UK Leamington, Shoreham, Cambridge Ricardo Inc Detroit, Chicago More Ricardo offices at: Japan, Korea, India, Czech Republic etc. Supported by mobile project teams supporting customers on-site around the world Schwäbisch Gmünd Chicago Leamington

5 Jaguar X-Type diesel – the first diesel Jaguar
Key Objectives First Jaguar production Diesel Aggressive Refinement targets Aggressive delivery timing Ricardo Responsibilities Concept car and target setting Joint Programme Management Powertrain systems engineering Refinement development Calibration & driveability Vehicle Development & validation Build of development vehicles (later phases in the production plant) Job #1 plus 90 days support Results Delivered in 18 months ( MY), KO to Job#1 in 14 months High levels of refinement delivered (press coverage) Very successful entry into critical market

6 Design and development of a high torque transmission and active 4WD driveline system for Bugatti Veyron Key Issues Turnkey project Leading edge Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology Aggressive timing from concept to prototype hardware Mechanical driveline and software integration capability Ricardo Responsibilities Concept design and development of transmission and driveline system Manufacture of prototype and pre-production units Full transmission and driveline control software system, including active rear axle Design and engineering of advanced Transmission Control Unit (TCU) Results Delivered On target performance and delivery Leading edge design solution for mechanical and software elements

7 Ricardo Prague s.r.o. Capability History
Over 150 highly qualified engineering staff Represented by all of Ricardo’s technical divisions: Engine Design Transmission & Driveline Vehicle Engineering Control & Electronics Design Analysis Software Development History Since 2000 in Czech Republic Consistent year by year expansion

8 Ricardo Inc. Chicago Technical Center
Ricardo Software Shoreham, GB Ricardo UK Ltd Shoreham Technical Centre 21 people Prague, Czech Republic Ricardo Prague, s r.o. 18 people Chicago, USA Ricardo Inc. Chicago Technical Center 12 people

9 Product Portfolio of Ricardo Software
An array of software products to meet engineer’s simulation needs

10 VECTIS (CFD) in Diesel engine combustion system design and development
Combustion System Development Compare air motion, fuel spray interactions and combustion effects with different FIE types and combustion system designs Computed flow in injection orifices (velocity magnitude distribution) Computed fuel spray penetration and mixture formation in an engine cylinder

11 VECTIS in coolant flow analysis
Cooling System Development to achieve: Even flow distribution between cylinders Flow velocities within recommended guidelines Strategic cooling and heat transfer in critical areas Elimination of areas of stagnant flow Minimum pressure drop Fast warm-up CFD used to understand poor flow distribution in a cylinder head

12 WAVE (performance simulation) in engine design and development
1D gas dynamics simulation software Enables: Performance simulations Inlet and exhaust port design Optimisation of valve timings and sizes Cam profiles Turbocharger matching

13 VALDYN in development of gear drive and valve train systems
Assessment of Valvetrain Dynamics and Stresses Cam and Spring Design Simulation of Valve Rotation Cam Wear Development of Reliable Valve/FIE Cam Systems Designing Gear Drives for Durability and Vibration Control Tooth Stress Prediction Gear Alignment Gear Vibration and Noise Chain drive simulation with flexible guides Dynamic Model of Pushrod System Gear Stiffness/Stress Model as part of Valdyn Dynamic Simulation

PISDYN is an advanced simulation package for the design and analysis of piston assemblies It simulates the lubrication of the piston-liner interface and the wrist pin bearing PISDYN’s output is based on its calculation of the forces, torques and secondary motions of the piston, wrist pin and connecting rod as a function of crank angle over a complete engine cycle

15 FEARCE (FEA) thermal analysis of engine cylinder head
Coolant boundary conditions derived from CFD analysis Gas side boundary conditions generated using WAVE (1D analysis) FEA models assembled and boundary conditions applied automatically using FEARCE software Solution can be carried out using 3rd party FEA solver or by using VECTIS conjugate analysis or FEARCE thermal analysis CFD results mapped onto FE model automatically using FEARCE Gas side boundary conditions generated using WAVE and applied with FEARCE

16 FEARCE (FEA) cylinder block stress analysis
FEARCE closely couples with ENGDYN dynamic crank analysis to output block loading that can be used directly for block FE stress Dynamic solution performed in ENGDYN Automatic generation of FE loading using FEARCE FEARCE clips sets and applies correct distribution to loaded areas such as bores and bearing surfaces

17 Vacancies C++ Software Developer for Graphical User Interface
The successful applicant will become a member of the development team and be responsible for: Design and implementation of various functionality in the application GUI and its supporting libraries and plug-ins. Programming on Unix/Linux or Windows systems.

18 We offer Permanent and part time positions, trainee programs, summer jobs An interesting role with an international company, recognized for its industry expertise A company culture supporting teamwork and creativity An opportunity to work with the latest technologies A chance to work abroad both at Ricardo locations and at client´s sites Excellent training and development potential Possibility to use English on daily basis Motivating employee benefit package

19 Thank you for your attention.
Are you interested? More details on: Should you be interested in any our vacancy please send your CV in English to: Thank you for your attention. Any questions?

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