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DLC in car engine components Nouman Ahmed

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1 DLC in car engine components Nouman Ahmed
. DLC in car engine components Nouman Ahmed

2 Valve Seats & Springs Piston Rings Connecting Rods Differential Shaft Ball Joint Exhaust Cylinder bores Brake Discs Switch Shaft Injection Transmission Gear Shifter Forks Synchronizor Rings Lambda Sensor

3 DLC Application In Car Engine
Cam Shaft Crank Shaft Engine piston Top Oil Piston Rings Valve Lifter Piston Pin Fuel Pump Components

4 Targets Reduce energy consumption
Improved fuel efficiency and reduction of CO2 emission Power Amplification Better Acceleration Increase Wear Resistance Decreasing Friction

5 Engine Components Increased Wear Resistance or Decreased Friction

6 Camshaft DLC Coating Tetrahedral Amorphous carbon (ta-C) coated has been applied to gasoline engines from autumn 2006 for the first time in the World .t

Though a solution by using the DLC coatings has practically applied in the industry, nobody knows how the Impact wear mechanisms of the DLC coating acts in low-load . Future Research

8 Engine Components Pistons DLC Coating Piston Pin DLC Coating
Prevent knocking Prevent Hot spots Piston Pin DLC Coating Bearing Bushes are not needed with DLC Coating


10 Wear Mechanisms and Coatings DLC.PNG

11 Coating Properties


13 Future developments and economic consideration
Designers within the racing industry see the key driving forces of automotive engine coating development as being one or more of the following. Lower friction Greater reliability Greater load capacity Lower part cost

14 ThankYou !

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