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Plant Engineering Life Cycle Conference 2005; 11 April Dalip Sud The Application of ISO 15926 Part 4.

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1 Plant Engineering Life Cycle Conference 2005; 11 April Dalip Sud The Application of ISO 15926 Part 4

2 2 PELC 2005 The Hague AGENDA What is the business problem? What is ISO-15926 – Part 4? How is it used in a Company? How can it be used across Industry?

3 3 PELC 2005 The Hague The territory Plant Owner EPC Equip Vendor D A (specifications) AD (information) B (specifications) C B C (information) E manufacturers Number of participants 1 1 to 6 ~100 to 1000+ Start End Project supply chain: information input-output model In practice the flows are two-way

4 4 PELC 2005 The Hague Barriers to supply chain integration Increasing paper volume – physical and electronic 150k pages/US$100m Capex Increasing need for information as data for applications High cost of as built delivery of documents and data 0.1 to 0.5% of CAPEX for EPCs Poor specification by supply chain participants Not early enough, changeable, inconsistent Concurrent engineering Causes increasing approval cycles – more paper! Equipment becoming software rich More information delivered – in some equipment ~50% of cost is information USPI-NL Industry workshop highlighted barriers:

5 5 PELC 2005 The Hague What is Part 4? Consistent and logical set of Text Book References Common definitions of activities, equipment and properties Common classification structure, allowing information sharing and integration within the Process industry supply chain. The Register is structured according to simple grammar rules: Is classified as, Is specialisation of has property of, Has a role of, etc The content of Register is organized by: Disciplines e.g. rotating, piping, instrumentation and activities Currently some 12,000 core definitions (class specialisations) Unique and Internationally agreed!

6 6 PELC 2005 The Hague High Level View of the reference data library CORE LIBRARY (ISO 15926 Part 4) Terms Definitions Classification and specialisation PRODUCT MODEL LIBRARY Product models e.g. connecting equipment and properties Templates e.g.Part 7, other examples presented at Ft Lauderdale COMPANY APPLICATIONS LIBRARY Handover, SAP, MESC, Piping, DEPs STEPlib ISO 15926 Part-4 SHELLlib Data about DEPs MESC catalogue Piping class data DEPs Information Hand Over Docs & data SAP Application A B C

7 7 PELC 2005 The Hague ISO15926-4 Coverage 5-11-2004 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000 18000 20000 Physical objectsPropertiesDocumentsActivitiesOther Epistle RDL estimate 15926-4 5-11-2004 Final estimate

8 8 PELC 2005 The Hague ISO 15926 Part 4 Estimated size

9 9 PELC 2005 The Hague Example of Part 4 – Heat_Transfer

10 10 PELC 2005 The Hague Shell Example on how Part 4 is used in Projects SAP is a product supplied by SAP AG INTools is product supplied by Intergraph inc. If EPCs map to Part 4 Mapping to Shell can reduce to minimal levels!

11 11 PELC 2005 The Hague So how does Industry move forward? Each company aligns internally Cross industry teams agree minimum common handover standards e.g. USPI-NL and FIATECH handover guide Companies map internal standards to ISO 15926 Part 4 TS some can be done now (e.g. equipment classes and a limited set of attributes, plus document classes and meta data Cross Industry teams come together to standardise Vendor data on the WEB Industry teams agree minimum Common Spare parts specifications e.g. E-Spir A series of small, practical steps … Industry can now start exchanging data without having to map each time

12 12 PELC 2005 The Hague USPI-NL Data Readiness Framework

13 13 PELC 2005 The Hague Benefits and Desirability of Industry Agreements Dovetailed information - Reduce replication and reduce inconsistency Better quality of decisions – based on maximum latest information Faster decisions making in a project Universal access – enable remote working and distributed teams Enables cost efficiency – move work to lowest cost area Without industry agreements, will continue to have islands and inconsistent local solutions

14 14 PELC 2005 The Hague Additional Slides

15 15 PELC 2005 The Hague STEPlib ISO15926 Part 4 SHELLlib Data about DEPs MESC catalogue Piping class data DEPs Information Hand Over Docs & data SAP Application CMT CAPS SAP GAME Project systems DEP docs DEP standard forms Company tailored Consortiadevelopment International Standard (Part 4) How Part-4 relates to a company e.g. Shell?

16 16 PELC 2005 The Hague Highlights from Industry Workshop Volume of paper is growing, upwards of 150k pages per US$100m of Capex; increasing amounts electronically also; Increasing requirements of information as data for loading into applications. Cost of documents and data are 0.1 to 0.5% of CAPEX for EPCs Clients do not specify information requirements early enough, change them, and are inconsistent. Concurrent engineering causes increasing approval cycles – more paper! As equipment becomes software rich – more information is delivered Common naming of documents, mata-data, and content would help. Specially vendor documents. Make vendor documents available on the web. Early definition of data requirements; differentiate between content and layout. Reference: USPINL Information Handover Workshop April 2003

17 17 PELC 2005 The Hague Does this work? Technical data Equipment classes, Attributes mapped externally to ISO 15926 part 4, internally to SAP-PM Document classes and meta-data Extended beyond Epistle handover guide and mapped to ISO 15926 Part 4 Document content Mapped to Shell DEPs (some 25% of document classes covered) Spare parts According to E-SPIR Instrumentation – using Shell standard template for INTools (Intergraph) Tools and utilities Check compliance to guide by EPCs and vendors Shells common project information handover guide covers:

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