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ULTIMO-R4 © Dürr Assembly Products India.

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1 ULTIMO-R4 © Dürr Assembly Products India

2 Dürr Assembly Products India (A Division of SRIL)
Roll Test Stand – ULTIMO- R4

3 Roll-Test Stand – “ULTIMO-R4”
Innovations Roll test stand in production The rapid development of control units in order to optimize the driving behavior of vehicle Dürr Assembly Products has configured a compact test stand using well-proven components – a Roll test stand which meets more than 95% of the system requirements defined by the automotive producers. Functions and design of this test stand are based on our experience. On the basis of Dürr experience the individual design features have been compared. The resulting intersection is reflected in the following detailed scope of supply and services © Dürr Assembly Products India

4 Roll-Test Stand “ULTIMO-R4”
Application Along with Dürr Assembly Products Germany, DAP India (A Division of SRIL) offers: The possibility to carry out vehicle function tests Engine, Gear, Clutch transmission test. Acceleration and deceleration test Speedometer test Roll test Vehicle Warming test The ULTIMO-R4 offers the above features concerning measuring accuracy, system availability and quality of design that can be found in the well-known Dürr Assembly Products test stands which are manufactured according to the customer specifications. With the defined system configuration Dürr Assembly Products India (A Div. of SRIL) is able to present an attractive cost/performance ratio. Moreover, this compact design even allows us to offer a reduced delivery period of only 4 months. © Dürr Assembly Products India

5 Roll Test Stand “ULTIMO-R4”
Benefits: Improved quality by improved accuracy and more detailed testing Low cost and upgradeable test stand specially designed for Indian market Reduced cycle times due to new and flexible test sequences High economical efficiency, low maintenance costs and low operating expenses Local service available from all major metro’s in India Dürr Assembly Products India

6 Roll Test Stand “ULTIMO–R4”
Benefits: ULTIMO-R4 is the test stand for roll and function testing for vehicles in the end of line area The inertia of roller allows a simulation of realistic drive cycles The functionality of the most important vehicle components as engine, gear, clutch, transmission can be checked under production environment ULTIMO-R4 is especially designed for demanding production environment and 24x7 operation Dürr Assembly Products India

7 Roll Test Stand “ULTIMO-R4”
The electric control performed according to Dürr Assembly Products EOL concept. The Benefits are Standardized operating surface Set-up of sequence parameters Simple control functions Efficient and reliable operation Easy maintenance No special skill is required for operation & maintenance Easy to update with user friendly function Dürr Assembly Products India

8 Control Layout IPC X-Line Platform 24” Profibus DP Test Stand Monitor
CIF 50-PB Profibus DP Master Serial Interface Graphic Card VGA Splitter IPC Profibus DP SERIAL USB USB Rope Encoder Wheelbase Adjustment IR-remote control Printer USB Bar Code Scanner Field I/Os Beckhoff Modules ultrasonic Incremental Encoder Speed Measurement vehicle detection position detection

9 “ULTIMO-R4” Mechanical Design
Dürr Assembly Products India

10 “ULTIMO-R4” Mechanical Design
Dürr Assembly Products India

11 Standard “ULTIMO-R4” – Double Roller Set
lifting bar Dürr Assembly Products India

12 Customer Benefits “ULTIMO-R4”
Feature: Wheelbase adjustment (roller set front axle) Your benefits: With the use of automatic transfer unit the test stand can be adjusted to the wheelbase of the different size vehicle . Example: If different types of vehicles have to be tested, the test stand designed for wheelbase range from 1950mm-2650mm.The adjustment of the wheel base is executed automatically by selecting vehicle type via push Buttons or with help of bar code scanner. Dürr Assembly Products India

13 Safety Benefits “ULTIMO-R4”
Feature: Restraint roller system at front axle & rear axle Your Benefits: It prevent the vehicle from driving off during testing of vehicle on the Machine as a safe operation. Example: Each wheel is having one set of restraint roller The restraint roller prevent the vehicle from driving off in case the vehicle is locked up. Dürr Assembly Products India

14 Roll Test Stand “ULTIMO-R4”
Technical Data: Testing speed km/h Diameter of the rollers mm Roller Distance mm Distance between the outer edges of roller mm Distance between the inner edges of roller Minimal road clearance of vehicle required mm Wheelbase adjustment range mm Adaptation speed approx. 60 mm/s Maximal axle load kg Masses distribution front axle/rear axle kg front axle kg rear axle and other combination Minimal pressure of the pneumatic connection 6 bar air pressure Tubing /2“ PVB Dürr Assembly Products India

15 Roll Test Stand “ULTIMO-R4”
Technical data: Electronics: Dimensions of control cabinet approx mm x 1000 mm x 500 mm (H x W x D) Mains connection 3 PH x 415 V +/- 10%, 50 Hz +/- 5% Pre-fuse (customer) 32 A Control voltage 24 V Valve voltage V Dürr Assembly Products India






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