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RUSHVILLE FOOTBALL “Relentless” 2015 Expectations Letter Policy Off-season work schedule (winter & spring) Camps Summer Workouts & Scrimmages Attendance.

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1 RUSHVILLE FOOTBALL “Relentless” 2015 Expectations Letter Policy Off-season work schedule (winter & spring) Camps Summer Workouts & Scrimmages Attendance

2 Why are we Here? Lost three games due to lack of overall team strength and experience. – Milan – Franklin County – New Castle (only had 1 win in 2014) Need to build a “Football Family” There needs to be an investment through off-season training, summer workouts and in-season practices to get results RELENTLESS 20152

3 2015 Expectations Selflessness – It is the greatest team game in the world. Why? Football is the only sport where the majority of the people on a team don’t get to touch the ball and/or be in the headlines. 3RELENTLESS 2015

4 Trust – Trust is one of the most difficult things to earn and even more difficult to get back if you break it! All good teams trust one another at all times. Can teammates, coaching staff, and athletic administration TRUST your son? 4RELENTLESS 2015

5 Discipline/Frame of Mind – Always be prepared for meetings, practices, and team functions Don’t talk when teachers, parents or coaches are talking because you might miss something important. Arrive on time to school, all football functions, work, etc… if anything be early! REMEMBER: If you are on time, you are late! 5RELENTLESS 2015

6 Family – This team will grow to be like a family. You should become close to the teammates who are willing to work hard and sacrifice each day during practices and training. Learn to care for each other and great things will happen when “11 work as 1” 6RELENTLESS 2015

7 Preparation (i.e. Practice) – If you practice, then you play. Nobody will practice all week without playing in the JV or Varsity game. – If you have a minor injury or an illness which allows you to be at school, you are expected to be at practice to observe and learn. – Practice time is extremely (more on this in a bit) – If you have a problem or are upset, see one of the coaches AFTER practice. We will not argue or debate any issue on the practice field. It is an “open door” policy here, so take advantage of it if you need to. 7RELENTLESS 2015

8 Communication: – Be In the Know Call, email, or text HC if your son is absent from school Football website will have calendar for summer and fall, expectations, college camp information, apparel info.. Etc… – Start checking it in January Facebook Email Google Voice RELENTLESS 20158

9 Off-season Workouts (winter & spring) Nov. 18-Dec. 18 (two days a week) – Tuesday & Thursday from 340-510 – Weights only January-May 1 (three days a week) – Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 340-510 – Weights and SAQ Players are expected to wear RED & BLACK to workouts. – I have shorts and shirts for purchase $10 RELENTLESS 20159

10 Summer workouts & scrimmages Why are summer workouts & scrimmages important? – Install all three phases of the game before the season – Build team unity (family) – Condition physically and mentally (Preparation) – Test ability against other schools and their players (competition) RELENTLESS 201510

11 Summer workout & scrimmages Schedule TWO DAYS A WEEK (exception of first week of June) – 7:30am-10am (90% sure on this) – Probably going to be Tuesday and Thursday because it will not interfere with basketball or baseball – Tentative dates for TEAM CAMP: last week of June or week after July moratorium – Players and Parents can set up work schedules so workouts can be attended. I will be meeting with area employers in January and February to discuss player work schedules Scrimmages will be scheduled against: – Shenandoah, Eastern Hancock, and Knightstown RELENTLESS 201511

12 Summer Breaks Players get two weeks off during the summer – Moratorium #1 (usually around end of June or first week of July) – Moratorium #2 (last week before mandatory workouts begin) I know family and vacation time is important, but we are only working out two days a week and players get two full weeks off during the summer. RELENTLESS 201512

13 Attendance Policy (Starts Aug. 3 rd ) As follows for an unexcused absence: – 1 missed practice = conditioning and quarters lost – 2 missed practices = 1 game suspension – 3 missed practices = off team Unexcused absence defined: – Not talking to HC about missing practice – Going on vacation during football season Labor Day we will practice at 4pm so if you go on vacation somewhere be back before 4 pm Fall Break is the beginning of our state playoffs, no exceptions here. We will practice at 3 pm on Fall break. – At school, but skip practice – Not attending a varsity or JV game. – Being injured and not showing up for rehab and team support. If a player is injured they are still part of the team. – Going to work (a player can set work schedule) ONLY exception farm hand. COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO SOLVING MANY PROBLEMS RELENTLESS 201513

14 EARNING A VARSITY LETTER PLAY 20 QUARTERS OF VARSITY FOOTBALL – Special teams DO NOT count towards a letter, but if the RCHS coaching staff feels a player has made a contribution, he will letter. Excluded: – Kicker – Punter – returner 14RELENTLESS 2015

15 Why is all this important? Teach your son about commitment, trust, selflessness, hard work, goal setting, etc… – It is more than just X’s & O’s So your son can make history here at RCHS – 1983 last sectional – 1988 last conference championship RELENTLESS 201515

16 How can it be done? Players, Parents, and Coaches: – Committed to getting better – Trusting each other the job will get done – Be self-demanding – Going from the Me attitude to the TEAM attitude RELENTLESS 201516

17 FUTURE MEETINGS May – Place parent apparel order with TEAM IMAGE – Parent Pride Club Late July – Review expectations – Parent Pride Club – 2 nd order for parent apparel (if necessary) RELENTLESS 201517

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