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Chapter 10 The age of the common man

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1 Chapter 10 The age of the common man

2 What is a democracy The democratic culture Democratic politics Election of 1824 Jackson comes to power

3 On a side note From at least ages Andrew Jackson was Mr. Diskey’s favorite President. When Jackson is called a jack ass he accepts it and decides to make it the mascot of the democratic party.

4 Theory of Democracy Democracy: Defined by the founders as direct rule by the people. Most founders disagreed with this because it threatened a balanced republic built by the Aristocracy. Slowly the idea of popular sovereignty grows The legitimacy of the state is created by the will of the people

5 The changing society Though there was inequality growing in in both urban in rural areas there was this belief that there was equality. Why??? Domestic workers were refusing to be called servants, instead they were “hired help” Dress code between class cultures began to blur.

6 The reality Inequality was actually increasing within the country
Urban Society: Most found themselves becoming low paid unorganized workers. Agrarian Society: There is a significant division between the average farmer and large plantation earners.

7 Democratic Culture It was in the Jacksonian Era press played a greater role than it had in the past. Newspapers and magazines were swallowed up by the common man. This would usher them into the political arena.

8 Democratic literature
Find the romantic movement in literature begins to thrive. With printing technology increasing books became a popular market. This was especially true for your average citizen.

9 Politics In this period of democratic principles politics adapt to fit the period. By 1820 most states had removed the last remaining barriers to voting participation for males. There was also a rise in public officials that were elected rather than appointed. The people chose judges as well as legislatures.

10 The big change in 1828 By 1828 Presidential electors were chosen by popular vote instead of state legislators. We begin to see part systems form to try and bring in voters. Voting percentages begin to spike % of white males % of white males % of white males

11 Election Issues What were the issues facing the nation during as the lection of approached?

12 Election issues continued
One of the major issues facing society during this democratic period was the depression caused by the panic of 1819. Solutions on how to handle this economic problem began to split the nation.

13 Agenda Quiz Essay talk Study info Jackson

14 Quiz: (Have your data base question out Take the next 5 minutes to study for your quiz)
What kept Andrew Jackson from winning his first election? How did congress affect the Adam’s Presidency What three major events occurred during the Jackson Presidency

15 Election of 1824 In post Monroe years the republicans were struggling to find a candidate. They settled with John Quincy Adams Calhoun, Crawford and Clay would all run as well Jackson found support from his home state of Tennessee Calhoun eventually drop out of the election

16 Jackson as a candidate Take a minute discuss the following with person next to you What Qualifications does Jackson to be the President? War Hero Jackson was considered unlikely to He doesn’t pick up speed until Calhoun drops out and Crawford suffers from a stroke.

17 Scandal !!!!!!!!! Adams ,Crawford and Jackson enter into a final three to be selected by the house of representatives. Clay who is left out of the last three tells his supporters to push Adams Adams wins the election, Clay becomes secretary of state

18 The Quincy Presidency How would we define Adam’s Presidency?
Congress seemed to be stacked against the Adam’s Presidency Congress supported high tariffs simply because most of the country was against it. It was thought these tariffs would swing the next election in Jackson’s favor.

19 Quiz Who is involved in the first election of Jefferson?
How does Aaron Burr embarrass the Jefferson Presidency Give me three reasons why we call the Jackson Presidency the age of the Common man

20 The Jackson Presidency
What were some of the main issues that Jackson faced during his Presidency? Indian Removal Nullification War over the bank

21 Indian Removal During and just after the election of Jackson Georgia Mississippi and Alabama were looking for government to move groups of Native American’s out of their borders Theses states passed laws against the Natives in their areas. Native American rights fell under federal jurisdiction Jackson supported the states

22 Indian removal 1830 congress introduces a bill to implement the idea of Indian removal. Many claimed that this act was unconstitutional The bill would pass and Jackson would move into action to remove the Native Americans.

23 Take a minute What sort of challenges come up as Jackson tries to remove the Native Americans? What does Jackson do to deal with it?

24 Worcestor V. Georgia case in which the United States Supreme Court vacated the conviction of Samuel Worcester and held that the Georgia criminal statute that prohibited non-Indians from being present on Indian lands without a license from the state was unconstitutional. This was the decree from John Marshall Jackson took Georgia’s side and told Marshall to defend his ruling.

25 Trail of Tears

26 Trail of Tears As you already know this is consider one of the greater humanitarian disasters in U.S. history Many Native Americans dies of disease most before even reaching their new home. This action exposes some of the prejudice and greed of jacksonian democracy.

27 Nullification South Carolina and a number of Southern states were worried about the U.S. Government becoming involved in their affairs Specifically slavery These states began to the support the idea of free trade and doing way with tariffs

28 Nullification John C. Calhoun emerges as the leader for states rights and begins to support nullification. Calhoun also moved against the abomination tariffs There was already a great rivalry growing between Jackson and Calhoun over the vice presidency. Tariffs are lowered but South Carolina still nullifies the tariff Jackson asks for the power to march on South Carolina

29 Bank War What is the controversy over the bank what are the two sides of the argument? What is Specie Circular

30 Federalists End Fall out of power during the war of 1812
They were mostly against the war Post Hartford convention they are viewed as being disloyal to the country. Due to have favoring the elite and neglecting the south fall out sway and are just about forgotten by the war of 1812.

31 Emergence of the Whigs The Whigs develop from national republicans that support Henry Clay. There are also a number of disappointed southerners that supported the party.

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