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29 Oded Moshe, VP Products & IT Official Release May 24, 2011 SysAid 8.0.

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1 29 Oded Moshe, VP Products & IT Official Release May 24, 2011 SysAid 8.0

2 29 Mobile Application Manage Your Help Desk On The Go! SysAid Help Desk App : The 1 st help desk software available on all major mobile platforms (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone 7) Release of mobile app Version 2.0: Remote Control anytime, anywhere with your mobile device!* Push notifications: Receive immediate notifications on your iPhone regarding your tickets * HTML5 Support Required

3 29 This includes: 35% faster performance! Access and attain data in fewer clicks Adjust column widths in tables with simple dragging of mouse New drop-down options for filtering column data provides quick search abilities, including added support for multiple selections Improved User Experience A Whole New Experience to Further Simplify Your Day-To-Day Tasks!

4 29 Improved User Experience, contd Rich-text editor accessible for sending messages from within SysAid View rich-text emails that are attached to a Service Request

5 29 New Module: Password Services Significantly reduce support calls and costly resources! Generates temporary, expiring passwords Intuitive wizards for end users to: Self-reset their passwords Self-unlock their accounts Compliant with your LDAP password policy Customized security questions

6 29 Remote Control Perform Remote Control session with SysAid Help Desk App from your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android Remote Control directly from any browser, on any device* Improved and robust backend: More secure - server manages the Remote Control sessions Always accessible - all you need is an Internet connection, and both sides can connect to the same server! Resolve User Problems Anywhere, Anytime – Even From Your Mobile! * HTML5 Support Required

7 29 Discover your network assets using WMI scan User-friendly wizard quickly scans and detects all Windows assets Receive full inventory details Completes the existing suite of technologies included in SysAid Discovery Services to easily get the full and updated picture of your IT environment Discovery Services: WMI Effortless Asset Management with WMI Discovery Services

8 29 General IT Benchmarks: Whats Your Asset/Admin Ratio? New measurement to help compare the statistics of your organization with other IT departments throughout the world: Assets vs. Admins ratio Determine statistics about your Knowledge Base by generating a highest-value report to show the top 5 most viewed knowledge base items; find out where your end users are seeking help Gain Valuable Information with New Reports

9 29 General SLA Management Additional option to define a measurement for all Service Level Agreements Knowledge Base Learn the significance of your Knowledge Base entries with counters that display the amount of times an article is viewed by end users and administrators

10 29 ITIL Request User Manager – New field may be added to your automated ITIL Change Management processes CMDB Investigate the relationships between your CIs by filtering the layers of information and relationships; determine what relation type(s) you want displayed General

11 29 General Integration SysAid now supports OWA protocol for integration with your Exchange mailing server for both incoming email integration and for synchronizing SysAid Calendar with your Outlook Calendar SysAid Calendar Link to SysAid entities from SysAid Calendar, and even from within your synchronized Outlook Calendar. Option to keep the due date and activities relating to service requests displayed, even if they have a Closed status

12 29 Click here Click here to read the release notes and download SysAid 8.0!

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