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Working Smarter: Using Smart Phones & Mobile Work Dino Martinez Student Involvement & Leadership Development.

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1 Working Smarter: Using Smart Phones & Mobile Devices @ Work Dino Martinez Student Involvement & Leadership Development

2 Working Smarter: Using Smart Phones & Mobile Devices @ W ork Objectives: Expand knowledge about smart/mobile devices Learn about other devices and apps Discuss how we are using devices and apps Expand knowledge about mobile applications Highlight popular apps

3 Basic Types of Devices: Smart Phones, E-Readers & Tablets. Oh my! Smart phones: iPhone vs Android Applications are limited by manufacturer E-Readers: Kindle, Nook, Sony and others Applications are limited by device purpose Tablets (what about netbooks?) Basically, same limitations as smart phones

4 Mobile Applications: Productivity and Utility Programs iTunes, Google Play, Amazon (The Big Three) (iOS vs Android Honeycomb & Ice Cream Sandwich) Note|Caution: Less expensive tablets are limited in robust applications

5 Mobility Connector: Productivity: E-Mail Works with Smart Phones (except Blackberry) and Tablets you must be a current NIU employee or retiree your device must have an operating system like Android, iOS, Palm, or Windows Mobile you must have a data plan Some HTC devices don't work with Mobility Connector. If you have issues connecting, download Touchdown Exchange from the App store. Samsung Continuum does not work with Mobility Connector yet. Register for Mobility Connector through ITS

6 Pocket Informant: Productivity: Calendar and Tasks Full-featured events management integrated with Android Calendar, plus a separate PI Calendar Pre-made filters to quickly find active, due, undated, overdue, and completed tasks Ability to show/hide different Android calendars Convenient templates for events and tasks (including default templates for new items) Pocket Informant uses Google's Google Calendar sync service

7 Quick Office: Productivity: Word Processing and more Get work done by allowing easy access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Provides a convenient PDF viewer. View document footnotes and endnotes in Word. Use the text-to-speech voice input and text recital option for an alternative way to word-process your documents. Similar applications: Documents To Go & OfficeSuite

8 DropBox: Utility: Internet Cloud Storage Free service (upgrade for a fee) that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. Always have your stuff with you, no matter where you are. Save photos and videos to your Dropbox. Share your photos and docs with family and friends. Save email attachments straight to your Dropbox. Easily edit docs in your Dropbox. Similar service: BOX

9 Evernote: Utility: Documents & Media Archive Track and organize your ideas as they occur Create text, photo, and audio notes Auto-synchronize your notes with PC, Mac and Web Search and create new notebooks and notes within notebooks Include geo-location information in notes for search and mapping

10 Pocket (Read It Later): Utility: Documents & Media Archive Save articles, videos, and images from anywhere on the web. View saved items in a clean and simplified full-screen UI. Organize easily with the new bulk edit tool - archive, favorite, tag and delete. Content Type Filter to automatically filter your articles, videos and images. Seamlessly sync to Pocket on all major platforms, including Android, iPhone and iPad, and a powerful new web app.

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