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ServiceConnect® 2.0 Your access to the DrägerService® world.

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1 ServiceConnect® 2.0 Your access to the DrägerService® world

2 ServiceConnect® 2.0 | Your access to the DrägerService® world | 06/20/20122 ServiceConnect® 2.0 The Dräger online portal ServiceConnect® has continuously developed to offer you more and more benefits. The new 2.0 version was developed by carefully listening to you – our customers. Discover Dräger’s service philosophy equally throughout our updated product: With the entirely updated Service Portal you can now log in easily from any computer, download software and look at your documentations.

3 ServiceConnect® 2.0 | Your access to the DrägerService® world | 06/20/20123 Your access to the DrägerService® world ServiceConnect® 2.0 1 Easy and intuitive navigation Navigate to all subpages and services at ease – whether via the movable Drag & Drop Widgets on your start page or through the expandable Top Menu Bar. 4 Intuitive and helpful functions Mouse-over functions throughout the portal help you navigate more easily. Clickable tooltips like the Action Menu will also facilitate your navigation. 3 All updates at a glance Get informed right on your start page about your device updates – via the easy-to-use Documentation and Software Widgets. 2 Account no. at your fingertips No need for time-consuming looking up of your account data anymore: Your account no. is always visible on the portal’s startpage. 5 Help and support function Receive quickly professional technical support – just type your question into the expanded text field and send it directly to our team.

4 ServiceConnect® 2.0 | Your access to the DrägerService® world | 06/20/20124 Easy start All hospital-owned devices (which are component of the ServiceConnect® contract) are preconfigured and uploaded for you by Dräger. Dräger equipment overview ServiceConnect® 2.0 1 Predefined filters The predefined filters All, Updates and Open Help Tickets limit all listed equipment to the according filter, clicking on each column header sorts the data. 3 Configurable layout Clicking the Configure Button makes the columns’ display adjustable. 2 Search Use the Search & Filter functions for identifying your equipment e.g. via name, asset or serial number 4 Action menu Clicking on Actions opens a tooltip window showing you all available features for your selected equipment.

5 ServiceConnect® 2.0 | Your access to the DrägerService® world | 06/20/20125 1 Basic data Have all Basic data like location or asset and serial numbers at a glance View and maintain your equipment ServiceConnect® 2.0 2 Additional data Additional data covers all Dräger-specific data such as serial no. etc. 4 Other information Extra text box for personal notes and free text (information can be shared with your colleagues who also use ServiceConnect®) 3 Software updates Have all Software updates directly visible which are specifically available for your device

6 ServiceConnect® 2.0 | Your access to the DrägerService® world | 06/20/20126 3 Hide tree navigation For a larger view on your documentation details simply hide the tree navigation Insight into documentation ServiceConnect® 2.0 1 Simple navigation order Structured for routine tasks (installation, maintenance, repair etc.) Precise overview on folders and file paths of all available documentations Always up-to-date insight on all documentation statuses 2 Original Dräger documentation Detailed pictures, step-by-step instructions and interactive links

7 ServiceConnect® 2.0 | Your access to the DrägerService® world | 06/20/20127 Easy to install Extremely simple installation process Just install and log in with the same user account as for the online version Offline documentation viewer ServiceConnect® 2.0 Always connected – even if not The ServiceConnect Offline Client gives you the option to read your documentation while being offline. To view your service documentation offline, you have to have the Offline Client installed on the local hardware. Always up-to-date – also offline A regulatory process ensures that ServiceConnect® 2.0 is always equipped with the latest documentations – the same applies for the Offline client.

8 ServiceConnect® 2.0 | Your access to the DrägerService® world | 06/20/20128 3 Hide tree navigation Hide the tree navigation for larger view of your parts catalogue All parts at a glance ServiceConnect® 2.0 1 Exploded view Zoom function in parts catalogue to clearly identify device parts in detailed technical drawings Interaction of Parts catalogue and table (selected device parts are also highlighted in table) 2 Data straight on hand Have all part numbers at a glance for easy initiation of orders

9 ServiceConnect® 2.0 | Your access to the DrägerService® world | 06/20/20129 Software: Secure and always updated ServiceConnect® 2.0 1 Software update widget Have all current available Software updates clearly listed at a glance Never miss an update: See the availability status of new software and updated versions with the start page widget Get informed pro-actively – no need for time-consuming manual search 2 Request to download Send a request to Dräger via the Send Request button After clicking the button the status changes to Request Pending and Dräger will contact you as soon as possible (clarifying the request or for final approvement) Get advised on the status of your requests by email – if request is approved the status will change immediately to Download

10 ServiceConnect® 2.0 | Your access to the DrägerService® world | 06/20/201210 Information from your regional service organization ServiceConnect® 2.0 1 Regional data, easy to access Whether you’re looking for training schedules or detailed regional information, or you’re seeking specific material, here you can quickly access the information. 2 Find what you are looking for Sort your regional data individually via simple filter function Inform yourself easily about upcoming training schedules

11 ServiceConnect® 2.0 | Your access to the DrägerService® world | 06/20/201211 Just click for support ServiceConnect® 2.0 Help and support function Dräger will help you solve problems or answer your questions as quickly as possible. Any request will be routed immediately to a Dräger support person who will get in contact with you. 1 Send a request Send requested information right away without any clicking or searching Simply enter question in text field to receive feedback via e-mail as soon as possible

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