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CLEW Basics Lorie Stolarchuk Learning Technology Trainer Centre for Teaching and Learning 1.

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1 CLEW Basics Lorie Stolarchuk Learning Technology Trainer Centre for Teaching and Learning 1

2 Login to CLEW 2

3 Request a Site Go to now if you haven’t requested your site for fall yet. You will need your course number, section number, course title and UWin ID and password 3

4 Prepare your site for students When you are ready for your students to see the course site, remember to select the “LAUNCH THIS SITE” link on the left menu 4

5 Quick Tour of Your Workspace 5

6 “My Workspace” Options for Displaying Announcements 6

7 Syllabus 7 Select [Create/Edit] to add a section in this tool, then in the next screen, click [Add].

8 Fill in Syllabus Form 8

9 Select options for the Syllabus section you are adding 9 Default Email Notification in CLEW is “None”. You must adjust if you want the notification to be sent to site participants.

10 Adjust Order of Sections (if necessary) 10

11 Important Points About The Syllabus Tool If copying into the tool from a MS Word Document, use the Paste from Word option Pressing Enter in the editor will create a double space Select Public View to make the syllabus available for those searching on CLEW You can reorder items in the view with the Move Item arrows 11

12 Announcements 12 To add an Announcement, select [Add].

13 Access and Display Options 13

14 Notification 14

15 Important Points About the Announcements Tool The most recent announcements appear on the site’s Home page, and an aggregate of announcements appears on My Workspace Spell check is not available in CLEW You can vary display options Attachments can be added, and participants emailed Merging announcements blends ALL announcements on selected sites 15

16 Resources – Functions Available 16

17 Resources - Add a File 17

18 Moving a Resource 18

19 Resources – Edit Details 19

20 Resources – Reorder Folders 20 Adjust position by selecting arrows or altering the Position number Start by selecting [Actions] on the folder you’d like to reorder

21 Important Points About Resources Create folders, HTML web pages, citations as well as post documents and web links You can upload/download multiple resources and reorder existing files in a folder There are unsupported characters in file and folder creation 50 MB file upload maximum Copyright alerts built in when uploading 21

22 Time to Apply Information Add two folders to your Resource Section – One titled: Class Resources – The other titled: Web Resources Upload this PowerPoint from your desktop to the Class Resources file Create a Web Link in the Web Resources to the CLEW Self-Help site at 22

23 Feedback Upload files formatted correctly so students can see grades or anything else you want to display using a spreadsheet 23

24 Correctly Formatting a Feedback.csv File 24 First Column contains UWin id File must have a Header Row Save As.csv file format

25 Feedback 25

26 Important Points About Feedback Students only see their grades/comments Sources for file can be SIS or Roster tool or create your own (may need modifications) Do not include voluntary withdrawals in file, as CLEW will not allow non-current students in upload Be sure to select [Save] on confirmation screen or your upload won’t be saved to site 26

27 Adding Participants 27

28 Adding Your “CLEW Student” Account to Your Course Site Open the Site Editor tool (left menu) Select [Add Participants] in the top menu Insert your Student ID - youruserid_student (without the in the [Other Official Participants] text box Select [Continue] Select the [Role] as student, and then [Continue] Don't send email - [Continue] Check that the name is correct, and select [Finish]. Don't forget to remove that user id when it comes time to submit grades, by selecting the Site Editor tool again, but this time, scroll down and select the checkbox beside that ID at the bottom of the page to [Remove] and complete by [Update Participants]. Note: if you don’t have a CLEW Student account, please request one at 28

29 Student View Log out of CLEW Log in with your student id – your-userid_student Ex. johns1_student Look through site – see Announcements, Syllabus, Resources 29

30 Discussions 30

31 Discussions Cannot retrieve deleted messages! Copying from MS Word is NOT recommended Spell check is not yet functional File size of attachments 10 MB or less with a maximum of 3 files able to be uploaded Quick Reply does not give formatting options Suggest students don’t add a new question in an existing discussion to reduce confusion Private messages can be sent but nobody else can access them, not even CLEW admin! Can show your profile photo and profile information 31

32 Time to Apply Information Create a new topic Discussion under Class Discussions called Favorite Breakfast Ask students to expand on what their favorite breakfast is and why Set topic as “sticky” Submit topic Reply to another posting if time permits 32

33 My Workspace - Preferences Points to remember Set the frequency of email notifications you receive (Note – High priority cannot be blocked) Adjust the tab order and number you see Adjust the Time Zone and Language options Use navigation buttons within CLEW 33

34 Summary Request a site Login to site Upload files to site (syllabus and resources) Send an announcement to participants Create a feedback file and upload it (time permitting) View a site as a student 34

35 Questions?? Thanks for coming! You’ve got a friend in CLEW Email questions to 35

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