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Course Project: The Social Media Strategy Presented By [Your Name] For SFSU Social Course: Social Media in the Real World - Successful Applications of.

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1 Course Project: The Social Media Strategy Presented By [Your Name] For SFSU Social Course: Social Media in the Real World - Successful Applications of Social Media Strategies Course #: SMM 9003 (1.2 CEU) Spring 2012

2 Instructions Please carefully review and complete the steps below to create your Social Media Strategy: Analyze the findings of your chosen organization based on the Social Media Audit against at least three business goals you select. Please provide analysis of what areas should be targeted and how to achieve these goals in the format below. You must create your audit in Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. Please do not create your strategy using Microsoft Word. – The reason: You should present this document as you would to the executive of an organization you want to work for. You would most likely do this in the most visually compelling way to keep the executive engaged. As you will be presenting to the class, please email your document for presentation to me at (please CC with time-sensitive questions) at least 24 hours before the start of class. – Save this document with a new name in this format: YourFirstName_YourLastName_Course_Project_Spring_2012.pptx (or.ppt). – Please include your full name, the words Course Project and return email address in the subject line of your email to me. Your presentation is strictly limited to 5 minutes. This will be timed and you will be cut off if you are not done within this timeframe. You will receive a 30 second warning. You must end by asking the class if they have any questions or comments. I will assist in facilitation, as well as ask questions. Please plan to stand in front of the class until I thank you and you are excused. Question and answer time will be strictly limited as well. Please keep this in mind when asking questions and, especially, commenting. You will have the opportunity to leave comments for one another online after class.

3 Strategy Format Similar to you Social Media Audit, but with more flexibility, you must think through how to present your Course Project: Social Media Strategy. Flexibility is a real world challenge and I want to see you embrace it: Please address the question in italics in each section of this document and present the areas relevant to the business goals you are addressing by creating a section on how to utilize the tools you suggest. The business goals youve selected should come across clearly. You can choose to present them how you wish. There is no minimum or maximum of pages you can use, but remember you only have 5 minutes to present your document. I will review your document and make it available for other students to review; this means it is a public document within the course. Anything you do not think you will have time to address, but would like to be available to refer to, please create and add to an appendix at the end of the document, making sure to refer to Appendix A, B, C, etc. during your presentation. The perfect presentation format should vary from person to person in keeping with how they want to address in what order and how much information you find for each area, etc. Please keep this is mind. Use what works for you based on the requirements listed above. You will learn as much from seeing the approach of your fellow classmates as you do from the information you present. This is key to how to present well in the real world; see what others do, learn and improve.

4 Executive Summary Create a situation assessment of how your chosen organizations online presence comes across and the business case for using social media to help solve business goals. – This should be your first slide after the title page. – Example is on the next page.

5 Example: Executive Summary You have a well-defined niche of services and clear bright spots to get you there. However, there are some best practices that need to be implement to make this project sing and – as a result – bring you the specific leads you want to provide services to. The overall strategies for your social media initiatives are to: Create a single place to drive users for sign up/lead generation. Better user flow and navigation items. Consistent best practices used in the manner in which blog posts are published. Establish an editorial calendar that includes seasonality (e.g. tax season) as well as information around events you are participating in. Establish a LinkedIn company page for your practice. Engage more interactively and personally with users and prospects by commenting on blog posts and articles as well as on LinkedIn. Explore BusinessWeek Exchange and WSJ Discussions as other opportunities to build your personal brand and reputation as a subject matter expert, similarly to how you do on LinkedIn. Establishing your company as transparent, authentic and honest by engaging in a two-way dialogue on Twitter. Make sure that Twitter and all other social media accounts have a similar look-and-feel as part of brand- building effort. Think about establishing a Google Voice and email alias to protect your online identity.

6 Challenges and Opportunities Areas you spotted in the audit process where the organization is challenged or take advantage of an opportunity in the online marketplace. – Again, be focused on the business goals. – Use up two slides for this section.

7 Recommendations Based on the executive summary and challenges and opportunities, you will create as many slides as needed to articulate your recommendations, which should be a coherent strategy.

8 Recommendations Take a look at the tools youve analyzed and the methods of reaching the base your organization needs to in order to meet and exceed the stated business goals. Select which, if not all, of the following tools below using the analysis youve completed in the Social Media Audit. Under each recommendation area, please list advantages (answering Why?) and anticipate disadvantages or pros / cons in the implementation of each recommendation. For example, evaluate apparent resources and recommend an implementation plan. Your recommendations can include: – Analytics – SEO – Web Site Meta Data – Business listings – Geo-Location – Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – LinkedIn – Other – This can be any tool, one weve discussed or another youve found to be helpful. Examples include, Quora, Hootsuite, Tumblr, Pinterest or – Add any research youve completed and conclusions youve drawn. Statistics can be particularly helpful.

9 Example: Recommendation We recommend that you expand its presence on Twitter by following customers, as well as media and industry influencers, to ensure that it is participating in relevant conversations. There is a lack of micro- blogging participation amongst your key competitors, and you has the opportunity to take the lead, fill the void and engage directly with influencer audiences. We recommend inserting you into the conversation on Twitter in the following manner: – Tweeting once per week to actively engage in the dialogue as appropriate, and link to compelling content such as coverage, press releases and blog content. – Feed Twitter content into social networks via RSS. – Identify the conversations that suit your company. Utilize to locate people who dialogue on industry- specific topics such as organic and natural food guidelines or certification, recipe trading, baking trends, see examples, right. Hi @Mominthecity: If youre looking for delicious all natural treats for the kids when youre out and about, make sure to try [Company Name]s Maple Sausage Scone at Starbucks- its certified AND tasty! Hi @Ricycle: Trail of Tears is a tough ride- make sure and get a good breakfast under your belt. I recommend [Company Name]s Maple Sausage Scone at Starbucks- its 100% natural. If that location doesnt have it- tell them they ought to ;) Hi @Margalit: Shopping when hungry IS dangerous! However, Trader Joes carries [Company Name]s 100% all natural Maple Sausage Scones which are tasty and healthy ;)

10 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) How will you measure the effectiveness of the recommendations you are making. – Be as specific as possible.

11 Summary Surmise your recommendations and why the company should implement your recommendations and / or do business with you.

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