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Curricular Practical Training

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1 Curricular Practical Training
Lisa Rudi, Associate Director MBA Program Curricular Practical Training

2 CPT Course Registration
Placement Assessment Interim Assessment CPT Course Registration Upload Materials to ISSS 123 Signup Complete Form Register for the delivery system Keep copy for MBAPO Complete and sign registration form Submit to MBAPO MBAPO will register you for the course Written employment offer Copy of I-94 card (front and back) Copy of I-20 Copy of front page of passport MBA PROGRAM

3 Curricular Practical Training
Lynn Krage, Senior Associate Director Wharton Graduate Leadership Program Curricular Practical Training

4 Curricular practical training (CPT)
MGMT 891:900, .25 Credits Online leadership course delivered by OmniLearn Focused on developing leadership skills in targeted areas of need through daily lessons and assignments Practical application of course content including: Managing Work and Time Effective Decision-Making Motivating and Directing WHARTON GRADUATE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM

5 CPT Course Overview Placement Assessment Online Curriculum
Interim Assessment CPT Course Overview Placement Assessment Online Curriculum Interim Assessment Mastery Assessment Assesses leadership and communication skills Generates curriculum path specific to each learner Divided into two skills-based course modules Daily two minute mini- lessons (40 total) Guided practice activities (2 daily) Taken at midway point in curriculum Sets next lesson to begin or additional focus in needed areas Taken after completing the curriculum Certificate issued after successful completion Concludes course WHARTON GRADUATE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM

6 HOW DO I BEGIN? Enroll Register Begin
Omnilearn will contact you via to begin registration Register You will receive an containing login, password and link to site Begin Complete Placement Test upon first login to generate recommended curriculum path WHARTON GRADUATE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM



9 CPT Course Summary Focus on content and behavior: practice on improving leadership behavior by acting upon cognitive learning Curriculum path is uniquely designed for each learner A minimum of 40 lessons must be completed One lesson delivered per 24-hour period Learning is assessed through online testing One-half of the course must be completed by July 15, 2013 WHARTON GRADUATE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM

10 Contact Lynn Krage, MA
Senior Associate Director Graduate Leadership Program WHARTON GRADUATE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM

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