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Use the following link to register on-line

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1 Use the following link to register on-line

2  Click on the month desired, scroll down to find the class then click on it. Click on desired class

3  Next, confirm the class you are registering for if it’s correct click “Register Online Now” If the class description below is correct, click “Register Online Now”

4  First, enter your email address. If you have an account, enter your password. If you don’t have an account, click on the box “No, I have not registered on your site before”. Enter email address, then mark the appropriate box below regarding account set up. Remember to check the box here if you are not registering yourself for the class then indicate the total registrants. Now click “Sign in to Account”

5  Users who have an account will get this screen. Select your name and click continue. Select your name then click “Continue”

6  For new account users, enter your email address then choose and confirm a password. Enter the name of an individual you are registering. Enter your email address and password Enter the name of an individual you wish to register and indicate here how many registrants you will have.

7  Enter all registrants, completing only the fields marked with an *. When finished click “add registrants ” at the bottom of the page. Only complete fields marked with an *

8  Next, you will get a confirmation page. Verify the event information and name of registrant(s). If correct, click “continue”. Confirm information on left, if correct click “Continue”.

9  This is the last page in the registration process. Again, verify the event information and name of registrant(s). If correct, enter a Purchase Order# or Credit Card # then click “Submit”. If information at top of page is correct, enter a credit card or purchase order # then click “Submit” at the bottom of page.

10  Kelli Schultz 248 209-2101   Event Management registration 248 209-2500  Upon submission, a confirmation window will pop up that can be printed. A confirmation will also be sent via email. If you do not receive a confirmation, the registration did not go through. If you are having problems registering or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Kelli Schultz or Event Management.

11   When registering groups of 20 or more, do them in sets of 15. The system times out after approximately 30 minutes and if you haven’t completed the registration, all information will be lost.  You may want to copy/paste your email address as it’s required multiple times throughout the registration.  Before starting the registration process, make sure you have the employee’s driver’s license #, rate of pay and the correct spelling of their first and last name.  The spelling used at registration will be used on their Safety Education Course Completion cards as well as in their permanent training record. Helpful Hints

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