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Welcome SUMMER SCHOOL CO-OP INFORMATION SESSION King William Learning Centre Thursday, April 24, 2014 6:30 to 7:30.

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1 Welcome SUMMER SCHOOL CO-OP INFORMATION SESSION King William Learning Centre Thursday, April 24, 2014 6:30 to 7:30

2 AGENDA NOTE: All student MUST sign in Welcome & Introductions Overview of Summer Co-op – 1 and 2 credit STEP 1: Applying for Summer Co-op STEP 2: Finding a Placement – Focus on Youth STEP 3: On-line pre-placement STEP 4: At the workplace STEP 5: End of Session Questions

3 Overview of Summer Co-op *UNPAID 6 week placements allowing you to earn a possible 2 credits (** some specialized programs are PAID) PRIOR TO PLACEMENT (done online) mandatory pre-placement (15 hours of pre-placement elearning assignments) IN THE WORK PLACE (at your placement) 1 credit 4 weeks (July 3 to July 29) (need 88 hrs. at placement (6 hrs. per day) + 7 hrs. reflection days + 15 hours of pre-placement) 2 credit 6 weeks (July 3 to Aug 8) (need 181 hrs. at placement (8 hrs. per day) + 14 hrs. reflection days + 15 pre-placement hours) ** specialized programs - HWDSB Focus on Youth – as advertised

4 STEP 1: Applying Access the HWDSB website CCE, credit, summer school : ummer-school/ ummer-school/ Complete the application, parental consent and teacher reference form Fax the completed forms to King William Learning Centre 905-526-8993 before May 9, 2014.

5 Confirmation Status The week starting May 13, all applicants will be emailed to: 1. confirm application status 2. confirm placement status - if placement secured will indicate the employer has been notified - if no placement will indicate what Coop teacher will be co-ordinating

6 STEP 2: Finding a Placement Any Delta, SJAM, Glendale, Churchill, Parkview already being placed with the YMCA Summer Jobs for Youth Communicate placement requests by completing Placement Request form (fax to 905-526-8993 before May 9, 2014) Teacher will call to let you know if applicable placements are available (contact info. s/b clear) Student must be prepared to organize and to attend an interview, Note: be prepared for a phone interview Placement will be confirmed by teacher and employer after an interview is conducted

7 STEP 3: Pre-placement o Starting May 20, the summer co-op pre- placement mandatory training is activated through the Co-op elearning course, each student doing summer co-op MUST complete this training, no exceptions. o A training and orientation course is also available for students who have not used the D2L elearning platform. o The course content outlines the co-op process, safety, forms, work place expectations, etc.

8 Pre-placement Training Logon to the Username/Password = Active Directory account

9 View Summer Coop Calendar Important dates are listed on the Summer Co-op Calendar

10 View Summer Coop Assignments All assignment viewed through content option All assignments must be completed before June 17, 2014

11 Complete Pre-placement Online All 5 UNITS in the table of contents need to be completed before June 17 During the Summer Co-op placement log sheets will also be entered through the elearning course site

12 STEP 4: Registration Day Registration day is July 2, 2014 at 225 King William St. 3 rd floor. All students who successfully completed the online pre-placement training will be required to register on July 2. You will meet your co-op teacher and get their contact information. You will also pickup all the necessary forms to take to your co-op placement.

13 First day of Placement First day at placement is Thursday July 3 rd, 2014 On the first day at your co-op placement you are required to have your supervisor sign all paperwork and fax or scan/email documents to your co-op teacher.

14 STEP 5: Placement Your co-op teacher will conduct 3 visits during the co-op session Reflection days are scheduled at King William Learning Centre (see schedule) Assignments during the co-op session will include daily log sheets (completed online) a mid-term and final assignment Must meet the required 100 (1credit) or 200 (2 credits) hours in the work place.

15 STEP 6: END of SESSION After successfully completing the Summer Co-op session, your marks letters can be picked up at Red Hill Learning Centre August 11 (for 1 credit) August 15 (for 2 credits).

16 Summer Co-op Programs QUESTIONS

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