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NCCP/CSCP Learning Facilitator Update Canada~Snowboard.

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2 NCCP/CSCP Learning Facilitator Update Canada~Snowboard

3 CSCP Learning Facilitator Yearly Update The CSCP LF and coach pathway. LF Admin requirements. Workshop kits & training resources. Candidate Reference Manual overview of changes Delivering course material. Review of the course agenda and layout. Q & A regarding CSCP LF Training material. Agenda This yearly update is for currently trained LF’s ONLY New Learning Facilitators must attend the full day LF training.

4 Introductions (5 Minutes) Introduce yourself Name Where from?

5 ©Coaching Association of Canada, 2006 Where does our program fit?

6 LEADERSHIP Coaching CRITICAL REFLECTION Planning a Practice INTERACTION VALUING PROBLEM SOLVING Anchored by Five Coaching Competencies Analyzing Perfomance Supporting the Competitive Experience Supporting Athletes in Training Designing a Sport Program Managing a Sport Program The Coaching Process Helps to drive specific coaching outcomes or job tasks ATHLETE PERFOMANCE Drives Athlete Performance

7 Roles & Responsibilities What is the function of an LF? CSCP’s expectations and responsibilities of all Learning Facilitators (page 3-5 in LF Guide).

8 List the skills necessary for an Comp Intro Coach to have to be successful.

9 The job of the LF The LF has to ensure enough material is delivered during the course and the coaches are engaged, so that when they leave the course, the coaches have all the skills we’ve just listed.

10 The Comp Intro Pathway

11 System Administration The CSCP Operations Manual is your guide to all things CSCP. Important changes to Operations Manual for 2012-2013 include: No more printing of Comp Intro Manuals - candidates will be sent electronic copy Payment Changes (page 24) Maintenance of certification changes (page 21) Snow School Course Option New policies posted into Operations Manual (pg. 28-30)

12 System Administration Course costs 2012-2013 Comp Intro Coach Course (3 Days) o Participant fee: $300 (paid online) o LF payment fee: $175/day o Evaluation process: $25 for candidate (paid online)

13 System Administration To access course material ‘Leader Documents’ Username: Leader Password: CSCPleader * Case sensitive

14 System Administration The following expenses may be claimed by LFs: Printing as needed and approved by the Sport Development Director. Mileage – $0.36/ kilometer. Meals – $58.10/day Any additional expenses must be approved by the Sport Development Director. LFs must provide the Sport Development Director with a signed Expense Claim and receipts (receipts are not needed for meals and mileage). Expense allowances include GST / PST. In order to be reimbursed for expenses, LFs must provide the CSCP/NCCP with the NCCP database form for the course.

15 System Administration Workshop checklists include necessary steps before & after running a CSCP course. Key Reminders: Minimum of 5 person’s registered online for a course to run. LF is responsible for on-the-ground advertising of the course. NCCP registration forms must be submitted before the LF is paid for delivering the course.

16 System Administration NEW FOR 2012-2013 Online Course Feedback Tool! LF’s will no longer have to wait and collect course feedback sheets however it is your responsibility to e-mail out the link to everyone following the course.

17 Course Material The new ‘Riders Program’ Model created which shows the connection between CASI QuickRide & competitive snowboarding Program designed to fit only within a Snow School and will be administered nationally Presented to Ski Areas at their fall meetings and reception has been excellent. ‘Green’ level will be piloted in 2013 with the full roll out in 2013-2014.


19 Riders Program Each level of the program is a 8-12 week (depending on area) program with coach curriculum given. Program concept and model should be introduced during course. –Multi Discipline/Multi Week Program –Target is stage 3 athletes in a snow school

20 Course Material No other major course material changes for Comp Intro this season. Changes have occurred with the agenda, please review in detail.

21 Course Material Learning Facilitators are considered context experts for the course they are LF’ing. Please review course material in detail.

22 Thank you!

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