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Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 Insulating Concrete Forms.

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1 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 Insulating Concrete Forms

2 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 2 Why build with ARXX ICF? Faster build, lower cost High energy efficiency Big savings on heating and cooling costs Best technical and customer support in the industry Comprehensive training program Manufacturing and distributor locations across North America Happy customers Houses built with ICF typically require 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool than comparable frame houses.

3 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 3 What are ARXX ICFs? ICFs = Insulating Concrete Forms ICFs are snapped together to create the walls and foundation. Rebar is then placed and concrete is poured. ARXX ICF family of products

4 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 How to build

5 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 5 1. Base ARXX ICFs can be built on: Footings similar to conventional masonry footings Slab-on-grade or piles Step footings and shallow foundation systems

6 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 6 2. Walls ARXX ICFs stack easily Walls rise quickly and efficiently Are easy to cut and work with

7 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 7 3. Windows and Doors Wood or custom vinyl bucks are used to quickly frame window and door openings

8 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 8 4. Bracing and Scaffolding Bracing is used to ensure straight and plumb walls

9 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 9 5. Reinforcement Steel or Rebar ARXX ICFs allow for easy rebar placement The design allows for double rebar curtains where required, providing additional resistance to seismic events and high winds

10 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 10 6. Service Penetrations Service penetrations are easily cut (pre-pour) with ARXX ICFs

11 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 11 7. Concrete Pouring concrete can be completed with the use of a concrete pump or crane and bucket The double insulation of ARXX ICFs allows for a moist concrete cure, increasing the strength of the concrete by 25%

12 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 12 8. Roof Once the concrete is poured any roof system can be easily installed

13 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 13 9. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC Electrical, plumbing and mechanical chases are easily cut in ARXX ICFs The EPS foam insulation can be easily cut with a hot knife by the sub-contractor HVAC systems can be scaled down due to the high energy efficiency of ARXX ICF wall systems

14 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 14 10. Interior and Exterior Finishes Virtually any finish can be directly applied to either side of an ARXX ICF wall ARXX ICFs inherently act as air and vapor barriers

15 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 15 Any project for any function From the smallest home to award winning LEED projects, ARXX ICFs are redefining building

16 Confidential. ©ARXX Corporation 2010 16 Redefining building. ARXX buildings perform better and save more than conventional construction Learn more at

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