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Construction Residential Houses Definition of a House: A structure serving as a dwelling for one or more persons, especially for a family.

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2 Construction Residential

3 Houses

4 Definition of a House: A structure serving as a dwelling for one or more persons, especially for a family

5 Housing

6 Building a House Grading and site preparationUnderlayment Foundation constructionTrim FramingPainting Installation of windows and doorsFinish electrical RoofingBathroom and kitchen counters and cabinets SidingFinish plumbing Rough plumbingCarpet and flooring Rough electricalFinish HVAC Rough HVACHookup to water main, or well drilling InsulationHookup to sewer or installation of a septic system DrywallPunch list

7 Grading and Site Preparation Clear site of trees, rocks, debris. Level the site. Dig for the foundation.

8 Grading and Site Preparation

9 Grading and Site Preparation

10 Grading and Site Preparation

11 Foundation Construction TypesMaterialsParts Slab Basement Crawl Space Concrete with Rebar Cinder Block with Mortar Gravel Drain Tile Wall I Beam Footer Posts & Piers

12 Slab

13 Basement

14 Crawl Space

15 Crawl Space

16 Floor Construction Materials 2”x10” Joists 1”x8” Sill Plate Anchor Bolts 3 – 2”x10” Joists or steel I-Beam for Center Beam ½” Plywood for covering

17 Floor Construction

18 Floor Construction

19 Floor Construction

20 Floor Construction

21 Floor Construction

22 Floor Construction

23 Floor Construction

24 Floor Construction

25 Framing 2”x4” Studs (16” apart) 2”x4” Top Plates 2”x4” Sole Plate ½” Sheathing (External) ½” Fire Wall (External) 2-2”x10” Header

26 Framing

27 Framing


29 Framing

30 Framing

31 Framing


33 Framing

34 Framing

35 Framing

36 Framing

37 Framing

38 Framing

39 Framing

40 Roofing 2”x4” Trusses (24” apart) Sheet Metal Plates ½” Sheathing (plywood) Building Paper (Tar Paper) Shingles Ridge Vent Flashing (aluminum)

41 Roofing – “W” Truss

42 Roofing – “M” Truss

43 Roofing – “Scissor” Truss

44 Roofing – “Gable” Truss

45 Roofing – Vaulted Ceiling

46 Roofing

47 Roofing

48 Roofing

49 Roofing

50 Roofing

51 Roofing

52 Roofing

53 Roofing

54 Roofing

55 Roofing

56 Roofing

57 Windows & Doors

58 Windows & Doors

59 Windows & Doors

60 Windows & Doors

61 Windows & Doors

62 Siding

63 Siding

64 Siding

65 Rough Plumbing Sinks Fixtures Toilets Fixtures Washer & Dryer Fixtures Tub & Shower Fixtures Hot Water Tank Septic Tank or Sewer System Vent Pipe P-Trap

66 Rough Plumbing

67 Rough Plumbing

68 Rough Plumbing

69 Rough Plumbing

70 Rough Plumbing

71 Rough Plumbing

72 Rough Plumbing

73 Rough Plumbing

74 Rough Plumbing

75 Rough Plumbing

76 Rough Electrical Outlets (120 watts & 220 watts) Lights Switches Fuse Box

77 Rough Electrical

78 Rough Electrical

79 Rough Electrical


81 Rough Electrical

82 Insulation Foam Channels from Soffit Vents to Ridge Vents in Eaves Fiberglass Insulation Plastic Covering (Vapor Barrier)

83 Insulation

84 Insulation

85 Insulation

86 Drywall Plaster Board or Sheetrock Drywall Tape Drywall Mud (Spackling Compound)

87 Drywall

88 Drywall

89 Drywall

90 Underlayment The plywood put down during the initial framing is called subflooring. Generally it is covered by tar paper or 4-mil-thick plastic as a vapor barrier and then by 5/8- inch particle board. Alternatively, it may be covered with rigid concrete wonder board for tile installations.

91 Rough HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning Vents & Ducts

92 Finish Electrical Fixtures Outlets Switches Cover Plates

93 Bathroom and Kitchen Counters and Cabinets The cabinet company will install kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They are simply aligned on the wall and screwed into the wall studs. Countertops are screwed on top of the cabinets.

94 Finish Plumbing Once the cabinets are in, the plumber will return and install sinks, toilets and faucets. The plumber will also install the water heater if it was not installed during rough plumbing.water heater

95 Hookup to Water Main, or Well Drilling & Hookup to Sewer or Installation of a Septic System Depending on where the house is located, it will either have a private well and septic system or it will hook up to municipal water and sewer lines. If a private well and septic tank are needed, the contractor will bring in a well- drilling subcontractor and a septic-tank subcontractor. Otherwise, the contractor will call someone (either the municipality or a subcontractor) to extend the municipal lines to the house. The plumber will hook up the water and sewer lines.

96 Trim Once the cabinets are in, the interior doors are installed and the molding around the doors, windows and baseboards goes in.

97 Painting Once the molding is on, it is time to paint and wallpaper the interior of the house.

98 Carpet and Flooring

99 Punch List At this point, the builder inspects the house, noting any problems. All problems are tabulated on a punch list. The different contractors return to fix all of the problems.

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