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PRODUCT PRESENTATION Revolutionizing Kitchen Organization.

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1 PRODUCT PRESENTATION Revolutionizing Kitchen Organization

2 THE PROBLEM Cookware cabinets have been messy for over 100 years. Cookware is too large for shelves Cabinets are too deep to access Pots are too heavy to stack Lid covers are too hard to match Space is too hard to find Until now………………

3 THE VERTICAL SOLUTION Organizer Convenience Space saver The PANTREE

4 PANTREE Features PANTREE Dimensions = 19hgt x 13 diameter, Lightweight 1lb. Fits standard base cabinets – 15 wide x 24ht x 24dpth. High density ABS Plastic Textured Slip Resistant design. Ready to use in seconds – 4 step snap assembly (no tools required).

5 PANTREE Features Stores up to 14 pieces of cookware including 4 lids. Works with matched sets or combinations. Hooks hold 2 pans each (3 hooks). Will store 8 qt. Dutch ovens/stock pots. Fits with existing recessed shelf (10 or less). If more than 10, shelf can be removed. No need for a lazy susan or swivel to access your cookware.

6 PANTREE Media Highlights Reader's Digest chooses PANTREE as a top 5 item you "Can't Live Without!" (August, 2007) PANTREE featured in WorkBench Magazine. (June, 2007)

7 PANTREE featured by HGTV as one of Five Ways to Simplify your Kitchen. PANTREE featured in Womans World, Womans Day Kitchen and Bath and Quick and Simple. PANTREE airs on QVC for third time. To see complete press clippings and media coverage go to cements.asp cements.asp cements.asp Media Highlights

8 The PANTREE Opportunity PANTREE is the perfect product for retailers, catalogers, direct response, home shopping networks, e-tailers and more! Anyone who has a kitchen that does not utilize the vertical space that exists in base cabinets is a customer! PANTREE retails at a price point that is accessible to all consumers.

9 PANTREE Support PANTREE comes in a 4 color shelf friendly box that can be displayed vertically or horizontally.

10 PANTREE Support PANTREE has a full website with complete product information, media clippings, video, FAQs, etc.

11 PANTREE Prioritize, Organize, Revolutionize Your Kitchen Cabinets with PANTREE!

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