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2021 Beauty Megatrends Real World of Retailing May 10, 2011 The Future of Beauty Anita Chen & Alia Rafiq.

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1 2021 Beauty Megatrends Real World of Retailing May 10, 2011 The Future of Beauty Anita Chen & Alia Rafiq

2 Eco-Friendly consumers will grow as one of the major types of consumers. People in this group only use 100% eco-friendly, organic, and no toxic, the shopping attitude is very strong and straightforward. They only accept The Green List and they never consider purchasing or supporting products that contain even one Black List ingredient. Non-toxic 100% eco-friendly All the products available are free of toxic synthetic ingredients, synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives, and are never tested on animals. The eco-friendly production system will apply into every product that can be developed for the skin Beauty will focus on providing fresh quality products, concentrating on the appeal of 100% organic items Definitely locally produced, with vacuum packing because people believe the natural and fresh products that are good for their skin condition, health, and environmental care. Eco-Friendly

3 Color Rapid skin color changing products will be more and more common in the marketplace. Consumers can change their skin color in a quick and easy way for different mood or special occasion or fashion trend. Skin color will be something that is considered part of a process of getting ready. As opposed to actual skin damage this will be a temporary cosmetic enhancement that can be altered along with your color palettes. Augmentation of features with cosmetics (ex. Lady Gagas facial structure alteration) Celebrity impact (especially music scene) Gold & silver makeup, a new take on simplistic elegance (liquid metal)

4 Technology : tech-savvy beauty-conscious women A main consumer trend is the TECH-SAVVY BEAUTY-CONSCIOUS women. Software Test skin condition app. That can recommend you what product to use. Trying on various colors will be more convenient, simple to test without actual messy application, products can be purchased at a much more rapid and efficient process. The program is now being used in Japan, to help sell cosmetics In the future, this will be available as a mobile-friendly apps that can be synced with the in store machines Hardware At-home-use beauty gadgets with easy application; when used you get deep exfoliation creating not only a smooth and ageless canvas, but also creating skin that is more susceptible to the products applied. Airbrush makeup infused with minerals, oxygen, and SPF. Anti-aging, clarifying, and flawless coverage. Create a professionally made-up look at home. Mineral-based foundation products use microvibrations to create a smooth and less- cakey look. Stimulates and relaxes certain muscles to provide the results of Botox.

5 Lifestyle : Type A Consumer This customer is addicted to having every up and coming product and color. Her regimen is not about convenience but rather about appearing entirely flawless regardless of the cost, time frame of application, or even price point. The end product is what matters. Beauty essentially becomes something you collect, no longer simply a necessity. Spend at least 3 hours a day to do their skin treatment. Products will be classified into various catalogs to focus on individual parts of body, creating much more detailed sectors of the beauty industry.

6 Lifestyle: Type B Consumer This customer is the working woman. She only touches on the basics of skincare and perhaps wears light natural makeup. She wants a product that is easy to use and efficient. Travel efficient (purse), quick usage in order to save time and cater to a busy lifestyle. They love to use all-in-one products. A new take on blotting paper, this customer will carry pressed powder blotting paper with SPF for a quick and easy swipe over the skin and a matte effect. 3 in 1 Makeup templates

7 Science More and more skin injection ingredients will be incorporated in to beauty products, making them not only beneficial to the skin but also cosmetically and visually enhancing People want to remove winkles and lift the skin right away. A priority of the future will be instant gratification. Customers will want the see rapid results in order to even consider brand loyalty. Makeup setting sprays will become an essential part of every beauty routine. There will be various options and finishes that will be available for skin, makeup prep and sealing.

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