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Iceland´s Potential Importance of the Meeting Industry September 10 th 2009.

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1 Iceland´s Potential Importance of the Meeting Industry September 10 th 2009

2 Overview ICIB – background The story until today Iceland as a meeting destination Current situation The Future Why Important? What needs to be done

3 ICIB - background Established in 1992 An answer to certain changes Loosing market share Lack of understanding Quality control Finland´s influences

4 The story until today High hopes, started with large budget Too large overhead, too little spent on marketing Contract with Icelandic Tourist Board Around 30 members today The only public body focusing on the meeting market Very little increase in market budget Difficult to gather statistical information

5 Iceland as a Meeting Destination External Certain mystique Amazing nature – Iceland outdoor Geographical location and connections Stronger reputation as an incentive destination Little awareness on the conference market Lacking purposely built facilities above certain capacity Perceived as an expensive destination

6 Iceland as a Meeting Destination Internal Experienced professionals Educated workforce Strong understanding of the destination Little understanding of the importance of the meeting market Lack of local and governmental support Little product development More cooperation needed

7 Current situation World Wide Around 15.000 associations Estimated total income on all meetings is about 12 billion US$ in 2008* 9% increase between years *ICCA Associaton Database 2008

8 Current situation Iceland Iceland share of of the meeting market in 2008 is 0,3% Iceland ranked nr. 50 Reykjavik ranked nr. 69

9 Iceland´s market share over the past 10 years

10 Iceland´s potential

11 Number of Meetings per Continent

12 Rotation Areas of Meetings

13 Number of participants in Europe Iceland´s current capacity for conferences Addition due to New Conference center

14 Favourite months in 2008 69% of conferences held outside Iceland´s high season

15 The Future Good potential to increase our market share Rotation area Average size of conferences On average a conference doesn´t come to the same destination in 15 years 4330 Conferences fit our profile 58% of all conferences in ICCA database

16 Increased marketing efforts needed Increased support to associations Local hosts are very important Strongest marketing tool Support of Convention Bureau Local knowledge and expertise The Future

17 The Icelandic National Conference and Concert Centre Delegate numbers between 50-1850 Of them 267 have a local key contact HOF Akureyri Delegate numbers between 50-450 Of them 164 have a local key contact

18 Why Important? Conference with 230 delegates: Total expenditure 36,800,000 ISK Delegates expenditure 160,000 ISK for three day conference Excluding delegates own personal spending and flights

19 Why Important? An example 1500 delegates, 3 day conference 240,000.000 ISK

20 What needs to be done? Increase awareness Encourage local hosts Increased marketing efforts Acknowledge and support Iceland Convention & Incentive Bureau Start collecting data and statistical information

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