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Promoting European Higher Education Mark Rogerson Brussels, 24 th & 25 th January, 2008 Santander Group Liaison Officers Meeting Tarragona, 10th October.

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1 Promoting European Higher Education Mark Rogerson Brussels, 24 th & 25 th January, 2008 Santander Group Liaison Officers Meeting Tarragona, 10th October 2008

2 Global Promotion Project Higher Education a growing market Need to change perceptions of European Higher Education A common approach in a global market

3 Global Promotion Project Rising number of internationally mobile students- 1.8 million in 2001, 2.5 million in 2004. 7.2 million in 2025 Research shows potential for Europe to increase its market (EURODATA) Need to boost interaction between European universities and partners in rest of world A GROWING MARKET

4 Global Promotion Project Perceptions of European HE in Third Countries Study Europe in general is too little-known as a study destination among third-country students Too traditional US is widely regarded as offering the best quality education, although Europe also scores highly PERCEPTIONS OF EUROPEAN HE

5 Global Promotion Project Asian students ranked the US above Europe in: Quality of facilities Quality of education Most prestigious universities Reputation of degrees Chances of getting a job and staying on after graduation Work opportunities during studies PERCEPTIONS OF EUROPEAN HE

6 Global Promotion Project Key strengths of European HE Quality of education Traditional and innovative Internationally compatible degrees (Bologna) PERCEPTIONS OF EUROPEAN HE

7 Global Promotion Project Creation of a clear European identity Build upon perceived strengths and correct misperceptions European umbrella brand, based on elements common to all European countries but allowing for tailor-made campaigns A COMMON APPROACH

8 Global Promotion Project NOT Duplicating national promotion efforts (Study in Europe is a window onto European HE) Promoting individual HEIs or courses A COMMON APPROACH

9 Global Promotion Project European brand and website Innovative services for international study Improve HE marketing techniques in Europe Events to promote European HE Media campaign and information materials FIVE KEY ELEMENTS

10 Global Promotion Project Overall objectives: make European HE more easily accessible, raise profile and visibility across the world; contribute to European competitiveness and promotion of international understanding. Specific objectives: improved information on advantaged of studying in Europe; enhanced capacity of European HE to promote itself. GPP - OBJECTIVES

11 Communications tool-kit An on-line manual Designed to give guidance and instruction on how to communicate Tools for hands-on use and advice on communications and marketing best-practice Intended as a source of information on technique, and not on policy

12 Tool-kit contents Effective marketing and branding techniques Guidance on the use of the logo Developing a promotional campaign Making best use of HE Fairs

13 Tool-kit contents Effective marketing and branding techniques

14 Marketing techniques The seven Ps

15 Marketing techniques Product Price Promotion Place Presentation Positioning People

16 Marketing techniques Product

17 Marketing techniques Product Education is not a manufactured product, like soap-powder. But it is a service chosen in a market-place by consumers (= students) who are making informed choices.

18 Marketing techniques Price

19 Marketing techniques Price If you charge fees to overseas students, be open to the possibility that your current pricing structure is not ideal for the current market.

20 Marketing techniques Promotion

21 Marketing techniques Promotion Whatever method of marketing and sales you're using today will, sooner or later, stop working.

22 Marketing techniques Place

23 Marketing techniques Place Develop the habit of reviewing and reflecting on the location where the potential student first encounters your institution.

24 Marketing techniques Presentation

25 Marketing techniques Presentation People form their first impression about you within the first 30 seconds. Small improvements in the presentation can lead to completely different reactions.

26 Marketing techniques Positioning

27 Marketing techniques Positioning If you could create the ideal impression in the minds of potential students, what would it be? What changes do you need to make in order to be seen as their best choice?

28 Marketing techniques People

29 Marketing techniques People Your ability to select, recruit, hire and retain the proper people, with the skills and abilities to do the job you need to have done, is more important than everything else.

30 Tool-kit contents Q & A Advice on participating in HE fairs Key messages on EHE for students, academic institutions, parents and the general public

31 Tool-kit contents Guidelines on using Agents How to build a database of contacts Guidance on handling the press and media Press releases Key contact points Using the Internet

32 Tool-kit contents Using the Internet –The Internet audience –Writing for the web –Advertising on the web –Blogging and PR –Social networking sites

33 Global promotion project mundus/doc/toolkit_en.pdf

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