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Arizona Cultural Academy & College Prep Fundraising Event Wishlist 2011-2012.

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1 Arizona Cultural Academy & College Prep Fundraising Event Wishlist 2011-2012

2 Why the Wishlist? ACA has grown tremendously with your help and support. We have had 6 graduating classes since 2006 Since 2010 we have had seniors graduate with an Associates Degree from South Mountain Community College. This doesnt come easily or cheaply!

3 As a private Islamic School, our funding depends on YOU! YOU are helping us to send these future leaders, doctors, lawyers and community members into our society prepared to handle the responsibility. We have a common goal, and we cannot do it without YOU!

4 Here are our future leaders…. Lets take a walk down memory lane… Meet our Amazing Alumni!

5 2006

6 2007

7 2008

8 2009

9 2010

10 2011

11 What is our big wish? Technology, Technology, TECHNOLOGY! Its the way of the future, and in order to keep up with the ever changing needs of the society, our students must be up to speed on the use of technology. Have you ever heard of Smart boards??

12 Interactive White Boards in classrooms What is a Smart Board? Interactive whiteboards are used in many schools as replacements for traditional whiteboards or flipcharts. They provide ways to show students any thing which can be presented on a computer's desktop. Interactive whiteboards allow teachers to record their instruction and review the file later helping students that struggle in a particular area.

13 Learning for All Whiteboards allow ALL types of learners to engage in the lesson.


15 Keeping up with technology This technology allows teachers to act more as facilitators and less as directors. We need to prepare students for the 21 st century way of learning. Technology is all around us. Todays children live in a digital world. Teachers and technologists are collaborating to transform the educational process in exciting new ways designed to help children master the skills they need for success in the 21st-century workplace

16 What is the cost for this technology? Depending on the brand. Each classroom system costs $3000 to $3500 dollars for each classroom. Our goal would be to have the technology in every classroom eventually. Who would like to help us connect our classrooms with Smart Board technology?

17 Donate a Smartboart to a classroom Help us send our students out into the world with the tools they need to survive in this society. We are asking you to donate a complete bundle system at the cost of $3,000

18 Laptops or Desktops $600 Donation to purchase either laptops or desktops for our resource center and computer lab. As our needs increase so does our need for technology. This is another way in which we can use your assistance…

19 If you would like to help us succeed… Fill out one of the forms on the table and choose an item that you would like to help purchase. We will spend the money you give us on the item you choose! So tell us what you would like to buy! Dont worry, we have more wishes……

20 Rubber chips for Montessori Playground We currently have rubber tire chips in the play area. We have gotten complaints about them. Children getting dirty, their shoes were getting black. Chips get thrown out of play area and scattered. We had an estimate to replace the flooring with a safer, cleaner rubber flooring called Bounce Back Rubber Playground Surface. The cost is $6,000 Can you help us out?

21 Television for Montessori Classrooms The Montessori Classrooms could use new TVs in each of their classrooms for programs for the kids! This is a 22 LED TV $200 Each X 4 Classrooms

22 Carpet for Montessori 4 $389.00 for this area carpet

23 Projector for Classrooms $700 Each in 3 Classrooms

24 Why do we need projectors? A projector makes an excellent learning tool We currently have 2 projectors that teachers need to share and sometimes they are being used at the same time…. SO WE NEED YOUR HELP!

25 All these education manipulatives.. Good quality & safe learning materials dont come cheap and we are asking for support from YOU! $$$ Teaching Costs

26 ACA THANKS YOU Without YOU we cannot succeed Please remember QUALITY Education is an Islamic Mandate Help us to inspire the next generation of our Ummah

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