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Points for parents For schools launching their e-learning programme.

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1 Points for parents For schools launching their e-learning programme

2 Our project Aims To use modern learning technologies to improve your children’s learning whilst they are at school but most importantly whilst they are at home.

3 At present We are always aiming to improve the quality of the children’s learning – when & where they want to learn [x] children share each school computer. Most are desktop computers so cannot be used flexibly or outside school hours. The children often use a school computer for just [x] minutes a week Some children have good access to a home computer but not all. Hidden costs and issues of home IT e.g. cost of purchase one, educational software, Internet filters, warranty, broadband connection, etc. Not right that home access is a case of have’s and have not’s, or for our parents to feel they have to buy a computer.

4 Through this project We aim to give every child the chance to use learning technologies to help improve their learning when they are home and at school.

5 How will our children benefit from more access to a computer at home and at school? Because there is extensive evidence that it helps them get better results Because children enjoy learning through technology, and so are more motivated and find it easier to concentrate Because 96% of jobs will require ICT skills when your children enter the workforce Because employers will expect young people to be e- learners to train and retrain throughout their careers ICT is becoming as important as reading and writing

6 What’s in it for me? Your child will be better prepared for working life and a higher achiever Other schools report children are better motivated and find school and homework more interesting – so less moaning! They can show you their new skills, and there’s nothing wrong with them teaching you what they’ve learnt We encourage you to use the laptop after the homework is finished We will organise/find courses on ICT for those who are interested to learn more There are other items of interest on our website/school network

7 Why are we asking parents to contribute ? It’s about helping your child to learn whilst they are at home. Schools funds don’t stretch to letting children use a computer when and where they want Current priorities have to be on the school IT infrastructure e.g. high speed Internet links, equipping and training the teachers, Interactive Whiteboards and learning software.

8 Why shouldn’t I buy my own computer rather than contribute to the school? If you can do both, great. But if not: Investing in this project will mean that your child can use the same computer at school and at home with access to the same resources The school will take full responsibility (insurance, maintenance, software, replacement) for all the hidden costs The school cannot provide a true 21 st century education until every child can access their learning resources wherever they want to learn

9 Parental contributions We encourage everyone to contribute, after all it is for your children’s learning. But we understand that some families will find it hard to contribute the same as everyone else. However, even small regular voluntary contributions make a big difference to the school’s ability to extend ICT into the home and make a difference to your child’s learning! This is not a project where you can only participate if you can afford to donate, which is why we have approached the e-Learning Foundation who have given us a grant to make sure that everyone can participate whether they can afford it or not.

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