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Not Your Grandpas Rangers: Integrating Modern Technology into your Weekly Meeting Facilitator – Stephen Nichols.

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1 Not Your Grandpas Rangers: Integrating Modern Technology into your Weekly Meeting Facilitator – Stephen Nichols

2 Traditional Ranger Meeting Many merits require much writing and individual reports Boys do work together in small groups to practice some skills, for example Knots and Lashing. Leader presents a lot of information to boys in a lecture style format Leader Centric Meeting format

3 Digital Natives

4 Why Integrate Technology When students are using technology as a tool or a support for communicating with others, they are in an active role rather than the passive role of recipient of information transmitted by a teacher, textbook, or broadcast. The teacher's role changes as well. The teacher is no longer the center of attention as the dispenser of information, but rather plays the role of facilitator, setting project goals and providing guidelines and resources, moving from student to student or group to group, providing suggestions and support for student activity. Boy Lead, Adult Facilitated Meeting

5 Technology Key The key to using any type of technology in the classroom is careful planning and integration of the media into the lesson plan. Never use a video or a computer game as a filler.

6 Meaningful Learning Environment A meaningful integration of technology in a learning environment needs to be: Active Collaborative Constructive Authentic Goal Directed

7 5 Levels of Technology Integration Entry Level Adoption Level Adaptation Level Infusion Level Transformation Level

8 Prepare Ahead of time If you Fail to Plan then Plan to Fail Put Bible Study into PowerPoint Prepare Videos to be shown Have a set plan for your Electronic Presentation

9 Basic Classroom Technology Computer Desktop or Laptop DVD Drive and Sound card If using a desktop consider acquiring a Wireless Card if your church has WiFi Projector Speakers

10 Take it a step Further Extra Laptops Wireless Projection Tablets\iPads\iPod Touchs Apple TV\Ruku\or similar Set Top device BOYD

11 How to get the Hardware Ask the Church Board to purchase it Purchase it yourself Have a fund raiser 2 nd Hand Use your own 2 nd hand hardware Ask the congregation to donate their unused/unwanted hardware

12 Technology is not always best Bibles Physical Skills Recreation

13 Paper or Electronic Bible Paper Testimony Price Fewer Distractions Handwritten Notes Real Book No Strings Attached

14 Paper or Electronic Bible Electronic Kids enjoy and are comfortable using digital devices View 3 versions side by side Text to Speech Easy to transport Online Resources Electronic Notes Searchable Sortable

15 Paper or Electronic Bible Examples of best time to use each Paper Telling a Bible Story Teaching Respect and Honor for the Word for God Electronic Teaching about different Versions Moving through Many Verses Quickly

16 REMEMBER Remember, throughout the ages, Bible media has changed. The Ten Commandments were written on stone. Jesus read from a scroll written by a scribe. Paper Bibles were produced in mass after the invention of the printing press. In todays digital world, Bibles are available electronically. Even though Gods Word has come in many different forms it stays the same throughout the ages……

17 Physical Skills Technology can be a great instruction tool to present the skills Technology can not replace practicing the skills Use a Combination approach Example: Rope Craft Use videos on a projector to introduce the boys to the knots you will be teaching Have to boys break into traditional small groups and practice the knots with each other

18 Recreation Gold Point: A boy grows Physically Boys need to be physically active. This is one of the fundamental areas of growth that is missing in many aspects of todays culture You should not use video games as Recreation in a Meeting Many boys already spend a lot of time playing video games at home. The rare exception can be made on nights that are not conducive to physical recreation

19 After Class Group Text Messages Cell Phone Online service such as Class Pager Weekly Group Emails Updates about the weekly meetings Include permission forms for upcoming events Facebook/Twitter Not just for the boys, Invite the parents also Keeps the class communicating outside of the hour weekly meeting

20 Parental Permission Ask parents to complete a technology opt-in form to collect information such as email addresses, cell phone numbers, and permission to post pictures and videos of their children to the web. You should never put names with likeness of any minor, even with parental permission Of course, dont bombard parents with digital communication but use it strategically

21 Security, Privacy, and Ethics Antivirus Software Physical Security Strong Passwords Proper Software Licensing

22 Questions & Discussion

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