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HP CLOUDSYSTEM The most complete, integrated platform for building and managing clouds Zdenko Böhmer November, 2011.

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1 HP CLOUDSYSTEM The most complete, integrated platform for building and managing clouds Zdenko Böhmer November, 2011

2 2 Cloud requires service providers to evolve business and go-to-market strategies New opportunities & challenges $143B cloud services market by 2013 * * HP internal estimates Extend sales reach quickly and efficiently to drive business growth Capture emerging markets with innovative services and business models Accelerate time to market of new higher margin services

3 Business and IT are on different trajectories to cloud Business is adopting cloud 5x faster than IT – Drivers: speed, flexibility, economics While CIOs are concerned about cloud risk – 70% have security top of mind 1 – 79% concerned about vendor lock-in 2 – 75% demand high SLA guarantees for performance and availability 2 – 63% prefer integration of cloud IT services and on-premises services 2 3 1. Goldman Sachs Equity Research, January 2011 2. IDC, Enterprise Panel Survey, November 2010

4 Weeks to months The problem with todays infrastructure Set approvals, Access controls Test and qualityActivate service Coordinate install process Many people Many steps Many errors Business selects application Patch VMs, OSs, applications IT planning meetings Set up networks Purchase assets Set up Facilities Set up storage Load OSsInstall servers Load VMs Deploy application Manage over lifecycle Much time 4

5 5 The right approach to Build and manage your Infrastructure as a Service A few automated steps, in less time Provision Select Initiate

6 6 Customers will evolve to the cloud at different speeds Business Transformation to Instant-On IT Transformation to Strategic Service Broker

7 Protect and Grow Your Virtualization Investment. Seamless upgrade to the industrys most complete cloud platform Smooth path to cloud HP VirtualSystem Virtual/utility storage, virtual machines, and management HP BladeSystem Industrys leading modular architecture and virtual connectivity HP CloudSystem Automation, orchestration, and service management 7

8 CloudSystem Matrix Private, IaaS CloudSystem Enterprise Private, hybrid, XaaS CloudSystem Service Provider Public, hosted private, XaaS Deploy a robust private cloud quickly Infrastructure and basic application provisioning in minutes CloudStart service offering Unify management across private, hybrid, and traditional IT Advanced application-to- infrastructure lifecycle management Highly flexible, scalable, customizable solution Aggregate cloud services for public and hosted private clouds Optimized for multi-tenancy Customer-unique portal experience 8 HP CloudSystem: industrys most complete cloud platform Built on Converged Infrastructure and Cloud Service Automation

9 9 HP CloudSystem The most complete, integrated, open system to build and manage clouds Key differentiators – Single services view across private, public and hybrid cloud – Multi-hypervisor, multi-OS, heterogeneous infrastructure – Intelligent automation and lifecycle management; application-to- infrastructure – Scalability & elasticity – Converged Infrastructure built for the cloud

10 10 Cloud transformation lifecycle Professional services to plan and implement your solution StrategyRoadmapDesignImplementation HP Cloud Discovery Workshops HP Cloud Roadmap Service HP Cloud Application Transformation Service HP Solution Support for CloudSystem HP Education Services Cloud Curriculum HP Cloud Security Services Expanded CloudStart – private cloud in 30 days NEW OFFERINGS

11 HP Storage (LeftHand, EVA, 3PAR) HP Workstation BladesHP Blades VMWare vSphereMicrosoft Hyper-VCitrix XenServer Vmware vCenterMicrosoft SCVMMCitrix XenCenter Citrix XenDesktop Windows Server 2008 RDS Quest vWorkspace Leostream Vmware View Microsooft RDP 6/7 Microsoft RemoteFX Citrix ICA-HDX Vmware PCoIP HP RGS Citrix XenAppMicrosoft App-VVmware ThinAppMicrosoft RDS Citrix User Profile Manager AppSense Environment Manager Windows Roaming Profiles RTO Virtual Profiles HP way: YOU HAVE THE CHOICE HP Networking 11

12 12 Why HP ? Leadership, innovation, experience Powering the worlds biggest clouds, deploying hundreds of private clouds 3 most popular social media properties in the U.S. 4 out of 5 of the worlds largest search engines 8 out of 10 of the worlds most trafficked websites

13 SFR French alternative telecom operator generating new revenue by extending the advantages of cloud computing to its business customers. Problem Quickly bring to market a complete cloud services platformdesigned offer IaaS with utility-based pricing to French companies Solution SFR Business Team business customers can takeadvantage of a wide selection of service on demandand state-of-the-art IT technology with predictableoperating costs, less capital investment and decreasedrisk in new technology adoption. HP BladeSystem Matrix, HP Cloud Service Automation, andHP Aggregation Platform for SaaS Results Public Cloud 13

14 Market segmentation –Target SMB with more than 500 employees – going Direct –Later in the year, target SMB with 200 - 500 employees – using channels Differentiation factors –Highly secured solution 24x7 support, high availability servers, data mirorring and datacenter replication across 3 sites Data encryption, secure VPN, firewalling & load balancing –Simplified contractual framework Contract under local law, data stored in local country End to End SLA: network and servers –Fully automated Virtual machine set-up, start, stop, upgrade within minutes Through SFR Business On Line portal Pricing structure –One time set up fee: 2800, include 5 admin accounts –Virtual Server: Small: 2Go 1 Virtual CPU: 120 /month Large: 4Go 2 Virtual CPU: 240 /month XL : 8Go 4 Virtual CPU: 460 /month –Storage 0.29cents /month 2.5TB max, 100 Mbits/s maximum No upload/download fees –Operating systems Debian Linux: Free Red hat Linux 25/month Windows Server 2008 R2 218 /month –Discount policy 30% to 40% discount for 36 months contractual engagement SFRs offer to the market 150,000 user IaaS Cloud: Service on demand Predictable OPEX Lower CAPEX 14 35790.html lance-son-offre-cloud-computing/Default.aspx

15 Defense Information Systems Agency Provide faster and cost efficient infrastructure for hundreds of military applications including command and control systems, convoy control systems, and satellite programs so that they can be developed and tested rapidly. Results Problem HP helped design the RACE (Rapid Access Computing Environment) Solution, DISAs private cloud while providing hardware and software for the solution. Solution Acquisition time reduced from Six months to a 24 hours (test & dev) Future production deployment SLA will be 72 hours. Services are offered via a self service portal and are charged on a pay per use basis. 5 9s Uptime Security accreditation process reduced from 80 days to 40 days due to information assurance controls. *NetworkWorld: Pentagon: Our cloud is better than Google's * Private Cloud 15

16 Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Computing Services Directorate 4,000,000+ users 13 facilities 445,000 sq ft raised floor 34 mainframes 6100 servers 3800 terabytes of Storage 2,800 application / database instances 215 software vendors 16

17 17 17

18 15


20 Decentralized, distributed IT organization providing inconsistent level of support to a business that was continuously getting more global. Results Problem Offers 70 million customers both products and services in the areas of insurance, asset management and banking. HP helped newly created shared services organization architect and implement an internal cloud consisting of an integrated, highly automated infrastructure shared service based on HP Converged Infrastructure. Solution 3 days new business project roll-out vs 12 weeks 50% less TCO through automation, standardization Finance: Allianz Private Cloud 20

21 Cost reduction by 50 – 60% for the defined services Hardware cost reduced from 25% to 2 – 8% of the total cost not the cost of the hardware counts but the implemented technology Main cost driver remains operations manpower further enhancements possible by implementing fully automated processes Key achievements: Achievements DCT Service cost dramatically reduced by 50 – 60% 21

22 ROI analysis for the project … within 12 months break even possible basis 100% = budget for SAN, Backup, Wintel and Housing in 2008 Cost savings through consulting activities to optimize contracts and infrastructure for SAN, Backup, Wintel Server and Housing realized in 2008: about 3M per year cost savings by 2010: app. 9M per year 22

23 23 Start now Take the HP Cloud Discovery Workshop Visit us at the product showcase or online at Start your cloud journey with HP CloudStart Start small & grow tall with HP CloudSystem

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