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WELCOME TO Freshman Fish registration!!!

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1 WELCOME TO Freshman Fish registration!!!

2 How do you feel about High School?
First Day of School Video

3 Tips for Success Grades Count!!!!! Get Involved Don’t Procrastinate
Attend every day

4 What if things get too hard?
Just keep Swimming Video Tutorials Parent Teacher Conferences Talk to someone (Counselor or Asst. Principal)

5 What are the BIGGEST changes from Middle School to High School
Modified Block Schedule 1st block (55 minutes) 2A (90 minutes) 2B (90 minutes) 3A (90 minutes) /Lunch 3B (90 minutes) 4A (90 minutes) 4B (90 minutes) 5th block (55 minutes)

6 Where and How to Earn a Credit
You EARN .5 credit for each class you successfully complete each semester. Successfully completing a class means you make a passing grade and have 90% attendance. You have to earn credits to go from one grade to the next and graduate IF YOU FAIL A CLASS YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT OVER UNTIL YOU PASS IT. You still have to pass the End of Course Exams


8 Recommended Plan Includes:
4 x 4 CORE REQUIREMENTS: 4 years of English 4 years of Math 4 years of Science 4 years of Social Studies

9 AND: World Language: 2 credits (3 if on the DAP) Spanish French German
Latin *American Sign Language Speech Credit: ½ Professional Communications½ Fine Arts Credit: 1 Art Dance Band Orchestra Choir Theater Arts

10 AND: Physical Education Credit: 1 P.E. or Partner PE
Athletics (actual sport)- Physicals Required Athletic Training ½ ROTC Dance Marching band (fall only) Cheerleading (fall only) Drill Team **PLEASE NOTE ALL UIL Athletics are competitive… NOT instructional

11 Cheerleading Tryouts:
Parent Meeting – Tuesday Feb. 26th, 6p.m., RHS Clinic – Monday – March 18th-21st Tryout day – Friday March 22nd 1st Parent Cheer meeting –Tuesday March 26th Christie Weir– Sponsor: Strutter (DrillTeam) Tryouts: Parent Meeting – Tuesday, January 29th Clinic – Monday – Thursday Feb 11th – 14th Tryout day – Friday – February 15th Kelli Jones– Sponsor:

12 Distinguished achievement plan
Same as recommended plan except . . . Same as Recommended Plan Add 3rd year of World Language STAAR testing requirement Four (4) additional advanced measures

13 D A P Advanced Measures Include:
AP Courses(and satisfactory grade on AP exam) Dual Credit University Courses (with a “B” or higher grade) National Merit Scholarship Finalist Researched based project Sign up for PreAP Classes D A P

14 International Baccalaureate Program at DHS
2-Year college-prep course of study in the junior and senior year You are good IB DP candidate if you register for: 2 Pre-AP core courses Spanish, French, Latin or German (Level 1 or 2) Speech, PE, and Fine Art (state requirements) Contact the IB Coordinator, Beth Hughes

15 The Course Card We’ll fill it out together Write in pencil only
Fill in all information at top of course card You may not take the same course twice! (Example – Algebra)

16 English I 10110 Matt 123456 Smith Or PAP 123-4567 Brian/Mary Smith
Or PAP English I 10110

17 Algebra I 15115 Matt Smith Or PAP 123456 123-4567 Brian/Mary Smith
Or PAP Algebra I 15115

18 Biology 20310 Matt Smith Or PAP 123456 123-4567 Brian/Mary Smith
Or PAP Biology 20310

19 W. Geog 22110 Matt Smith Or PAP 123456 123-4567 Brian/Mary Smith
Or PAP W. Geog 22110

20 PreAP / AP Agreement

21 Build skills toward college/career choices
WHY CTE Courses? Apply core curriculum in a different, more practical way. Seamless transition to college and earn college credit for free while in high school Earn licensures and certification while in high school

22 Advanced Technology Center (ATC)

23 9th Grade CTE Elective Courses

24 ASL I Volleyball 35110 27110 73110 Theater I English 1 10110
Or PAP English 1 10110 HS101/Speech Theater I ASL I Volleyball 911003/C20703 35110 27110 73110

25 Cheer Drill Team Spanish 1 BIM

26 Matt Smith Mary Smith

27 Schedule Change Request

28 Did We Go Too Fast? Course Catalog
General information, optional programs, description of all courses Righteous Video Middle school and high school websites Find the CTE power point and more info on these sites! Middle School & High School Counselors

29 Due Dates: Harpool=Wed. Feb 13 Calhoun = Wed. Feb 13
McMath = Thurs. Feb 14 Crownover = Friday Feb. 15 Navo = Monday Feb. 18 Strickland= Tuesday Feb.19 Due Dates:

30 How will your first day be?
Obnoxious Video Do you feel more prepared?

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