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Planning 4 years of High School

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1 Planning 4 years of High School
Humble ISD Class of

2 Today, we will: Review your 4 year plan Discuss options for core and elective classes Request changes to Verify you keep all graduation requirements

3 You can find the course guide by:
Logging onto Kingwood Park High School Website Click on the Our School tab Click on Counselors Click on and proceed to Course Selection Guide

4 Log in to
Portfolio Name = humble + your ID (ex: smith123456) Password = your ID (ex: ) It’s time to build your 4 year high school course plan in Bridges. You have already explored and selected a career cluster and will now create a course plan that matches your high school courses to your career pathway. As a reminder, your portfolio name in bridges is humble followed by your 6 digit student ID. Your password is your 6 digit ID.

5 Select Choices Planner
Click Your Portfolio Click Your Plans See your purple plan for grades 9-12. If you do not, raise your hand. NOW – Look at your Change Form!

6 Recommended Plan 4 credits of English 4 credits of Math
4 credits of Science 4 credits of Social Studies .5 credit of Communication Applications (speech) 1 credit of Fine Arts 2 credits of (the same) Foreign Language 1.0 credit of PE 5.5 elective credits The 26 credit requirements for graduating on the Recommended High School Program are: (read slide)

7 English 9th English 1 or English 1 PreAP 10th
English 3 or AP English 3 English 4 or AP English 4 or English 4 Dual And now for the general high school requirements. The 4 credits in English include English 1, 2, 3, and 4. You may choose from on-level or PreAP for English 1 and 2. 11th graders have the option of on-level English 3 or AP English 3. If a student takes AP English 3, he or she may take the AP exam at the end of the year and depending on the score, may earn college credit. A senior can take on-level English 4 OR AP English 4 OR Dual Credit English 4, which counts for high school honors grade points and earns 6 college credit hours in ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302. 12th

8 Math see recommendations on the next slide
Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 PreAP Geometry or Geometry PreAP Math Models Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 PreAP PreCalculus AB or BC PreAP/Dual The high school math sequence starts with Algebra 1. After Algebra 1, students choose from on-level Geometry or Geometry PreAP, THEN they take Algebra 2, either on-level or PreAP. After Algebra 2, it’s important to consider your career pathway and choose the math that will be most useful for your future. AQR AP Statistics AP Calculus AB or BC/Dual Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II are required for Recommended and Distinguished plans

9 Math placement recommendations
If you are in Algebra I level 98+ = Geom. Pre AP 70-98 = level Below 70 = repeat Alg. If you are in Algebra 2 PAP 85+= Pre AP Pre Calc BC 75-85= Pre Ap Pre Calc AB 70-75= AQR If you are in Geometry level 85+ = Alg. Pre AP 70-84 = level Below 70 = Geom & MMA If you are in Algebra 3 70+= AQR or AP Stats If you are in Pre AP Pre Calc AB 70+= AP Cal AB or AP Stats or APQ 70-84 = level Below 70 = Geom & MMA If you are in Alg 1 PreAP 80+ = Geom. Pre AP 70-79 = level If you are in Geom PreAP 80+ = Alg. II Pre AP 70-80 = level Below 70 = Geom & MMA If you are in Pre AP Pre Calc BC 80+= AP Cal BC or AP Stats 70-79= Ap Cal AB or Ap Stats or AQR If you are in AP Cal AB or BC AP Stats or AQR If you are in Math Models(MMA) 70+ =Algebra 2 Below 70=MMA and any missing math credits If you are in College Algebra Dual 70+=Stats or AQR or Pre Cal AB 70-79= Ap Cal AB or Ap Stats or AQR If you are in Algebra 2 85+= Pre Ap Pre Cal AB and or AP Stats or AQR 70-84 = AQR Below 70 = Algebra 2

10 Science Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are required for Recommended and Distinguished plans 9th Biology or Biology PreAP IPC (if algebra was 74 or below) 10th Chemistry or Chemistry PreAP (math & bio scores 90 or better) Principles of Physics (if math scores is 74 or below) or Physics or Physics PreAP (math and chem. scores are 90 or better) 11th For science, students take Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and can choose from on-level or PreAP in each. Humble ISD offers MANY 4th year science courses. Consider your chosen career pathway when deciding that 4th course. 12th Any 4th year Science It is strongly encouraged that Pre-AP Chemistry & Pre-AP Algebra II and/or Pre-AP Physics & Pre-Calculus are taken concurrently

11 Science Recommendations
10th going to 11th (and some 11th going to 12th) If you are in IPC: Chemistry for most POP-Math score is 74 or below and students are also recommend for MMA. If you are in Chemistry: Most students are recommended for Physics. Pre-AP Physics (Math and Chem scores 90 or better). POP- Math score is 74 or below , and student recommended for MMA. **Students with credit in Chemistry are not eligible to take IPC If you are in Pre-Ap Chemistry: Students are recommended for Pre-AP Physics if met the following: Pre-Ap Chemistry grade is 80 + On-level math and science score is 90 + Pre AP Math and Science score is 80+ *It is strongly recommended that pre-Ap Physics and Pre-Calculus are taken concurrently 11th going to 12th AP Biology , AP Chemistry, and Ap Physics : 80 + in Pre –AP Science and Math 90+ in On-Level science and math. Other science classes that count towards senior science credit are: Pre-Ap Anatomy and Physiology, Aquatics, Aeroscience, Astronomy, Forensic Science and Advanced Animal Science (with approval from Ag Teacher)

12 Social Studies 9th World Geography or World Geography PreAP 10th
World History or AP World History 11th US History or AP US History or US History Dual Virtual 12th High school students take World Geography, then World History, then US History and can choose from on-level or PreAP in 9th grade, and on-level or AP in 10th and 11th grade. Dual Credit as an additional option for US History, which earns a student college credit for HIST 1301 and HIST 1302 – that’s 6 college hours. 12th grade students take Government for a semester, choosing from on-level, AP or Dual Credit online. They also take a semester of Economics with the same options. Government or AP Government or Government Dual Virtual Economics or AP Economics or Economics Dual Virtual and

13 Communication Applications (1/2 credit required)
Several options for “speech” credit: Communications Applications Teen Leadership (will show under “electives”) Debate (the full year) AVID (the full year) Professional Communications (in the AG dept) As you complete your 4 year plan, don’t forget to add Comm Apps as a single semester course at some point during high school. When you add it, be sure to also add another semester course in that grade to create a full-year spot in your schedule.

14 Fine Arts (1 credit required)
Choices Art Theater Orchestra Band Choir Dance 1 Floral Design Notes Fall semester Band counts as PE, ½ credit Dance 1 can count for 1 credit fine art or elective and 1 credit PE You will need to take and pass one credit of fine arts in high school. Choose from Art, Theater, Orchestra, Band, Choir, or Dance. If you plan to take Band, you will add the 1st semester under the PE requirements and the 2nd semester of Band will be placed in the fine arts section in Bridges. Notice also that Dance 1 will take the place of BOTH a Fine Arts Credit AND a PE credit.

15 Languages Other Than English (2 or 3 credits required)
Must take 2 years (or 3 years on DAP) of the SAME language Ex: Spanish 1 & Spanish 2 Upper level options: Spanish III Level Spanish III PreAP Spanish III PreAP Dual Spanish IV PreAP Spanish IV PreAP Dual French III PreAP French III PreAP Dual French IV PreAP French IV PreAP DUal In high school, you will be required to have two or three years of the same foreign language, depending on your graduation plan. Choose from Spanish, French, German, Latin, or American Sign Language. If you can read, write, and speak Spanish fluently already, the Spanish for Native Speakers class will allow you to earn two credits in one year.

16 Dual Credit = college credit
If you apply for Dual Credit Classes, Mrs. Herbst, in the library, will contact you. Eligibility for Dual Credit classes is determined by an entrance exam at Lonestar College. Please ask questions today.

17 Physical Education (1.0 credit required)
PE Classes Athletics (any school sport) Fall semesters of Cheerleading Fall semesters of Band Junior ROTC Silver Stars or Dance 1 Off-Campus PE through approved vendor (requires application before the semester starts – see counselor) There are many ways to meet the 1 credit requirement for PE. The first way to meet this requirement is simply by taking PE classes on campus. Your options are listed under Physical Education in your Bridges course plan. Another way to meet this requirement is to be in athletics classes. Remember that athletic teams at the high school level are highly competitive and you typically must try-out and make a team in order to be in the athletic period. The fall semesters of Band and Cheerleading count toward the PE requirement. Other options include JROTC and Dance 1. Off-Campus PE requires 5 or more hours of rigorous / intense training under a coach’s supervision at an approved commercial establishment through a regular Monday through Friday workout schedule. Examples include martial arts, swim team, dance, gymnastics, and lacrosse. See your counselor for an application.

18 Missing credits? See the 6th column, “Credits.” It shows required credits in each row. All 26 credits needed for graduation MUST be on this plan. Please see your counselor for questions regarding credit retrieval.

19 Steps to editing your 4 year plan
4 Year Plan Editing Steps to editing your 4 year plan

20 Add classes in each row Electives Basics See “Credit” column?
Add an “A” & “B” class for full year classes Green check! Correct Red X’s May be found in different rows



23 Please look at the bottom of your purple plan
Please verify that Total Planned Credits = 7 for the grade level you will enter next year! (6 for Seniors that QUALIFY for late arrival/early release, office aide)

24 BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!! IF you need changes made to your Bridges Plan, use your white schedule change form for special circumstances: Early Release Late Arrival Office Aide (12th grade only) Staple your change request form to the top of your colored Course Selection Sheet


26 ALL STUDENTS! Make sure your name is on your Course Selection Sheet and turn into the corresponding House Box.

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