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OUR TOWN. Paks in Hungary Paks is a town in Hungary, 110 kilometers from Budapest and it lies on the left side of the Danube.

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2 Paks in Hungary Paks is a town in Hungary, 110 kilometers from Budapest and it lies on the left side of the Danube.

3 The history of Paks This peace of earth was owned by András Pakus in 1334. This makes an incredible development and in 1731 it gets a country town rank. In the 18th century they started to develop manufactures in Paks. Thats why a lot of smiths, furriers, locksmiths, carpenters and millers began to work. The indrusty has developed with the commercialism. The River Danube has always been very inportant in the citys life. For example in 1861 55 water- mills ground the wheat of the city. Commercialism developed from the 1840s all the way to World War II. A lot of people worked on barges, in agriculture and of course wine was very important too. In 1944 6000-8000 soviet soldiers stayed in Paks. In 1950-60 Paks lived a quiet peaceful life. In 1969 a lot of new bulidings were built and the populatin started to grow. In 10 years, the populatin doubled. The city is getting bigger and bigger as the years pass, but its population has fallen. Now 20.000 people live in this small city beside the River Danube.

4 A town with 20,000 inhabitants. In the last century several splendid mansions were built in the centre of the old town, the most exquisite ones are in Szent István tér, the main square of the town. About the town

5 The Roman Catholic three-aisled, basilica style Jesus's Heart church was consecrated in 1901.Jesus's Heart church The Town MuseumThe Town Museum is housed in the former Cseh-Vigyázó mansion.

6 The Catholic Holy Spirit church, built according to the design of Imre Makovecz, is an outstanding artwork of 20th century architecture.Holy Spirit church

7 The Nuclear Power Plant producing almost the half of the domestic electric power is on the confines of the town and its operation can be observed from the Visitors' Centre. It is the only nuclear power plant in Hungary. A lot of people in Paks work there.the Visitors' Centre

8 One of the natural prides of the town is the hundred years old chestnut alley lining the walkway on the Danube bank. chestnut alley

9 ENERGETIKAI SZAKKÖZÉPISKOLA ÉS KOLLÉGIUM 7030 Paks, Dózsa György Street 95. Tel: 06/75-519-300 Fax: 06/75-414-282 www.eszi.huwww.eszi.huE-mail: OUR SCHOOL

10 ESZI, the first private school of Hungary opened in 1986. It was financed by the Nuclear Power Plant. Since 2001 the school has been supported by a foundation.

11 Ronczyk Tibor is the director of the school. The number of ESZI students is 574 and the number of teachers is 62. As our school has been supported by a foundation since 2001, a 5-member board makes the most important decisions. The chairman of the foundation is: Dr. Mihály Kiss

12 Our school is known in the whole country. The students are aware that ESZI is one of the best secondary schools in Hungary, considering the results of competitions in different subjects. They are sure to get high-quality training in vocational subjects and in languages.

13 When the school opened there were only some faculties. (For example: mechanical-engineering) In the last years our school has kept up with the times and we have started new faculties meeting the requirements of the EU. Informatics is very important, because it is required everywhere. There is a great demand for specialist in Electronics and Mechanical Engineering The favourite major of the girls is Administration executive/economy Our Environment Protection is unique in the country.

14 Our school has one of the best students hostels in the country. There are common rooms which make living more comfortable. The students hostel has the following facilities: biliards, soccer tables, computer room, studio, gymnasium

15 Eszi students rights are protected by the Student Goverment (DÖK), whose members are elected by the students from among themselves. DÖKs task is to organise all kinds of activities and events, and to facilitate good communications between the students and the teachers. DÖKs members are elected at the beginning of each academic year, that is in September.

16 ESZI has the biggest sports hall in Paks. It provides place for many sport events, the international and Hungarian judo competitions are organized here. It has a big field outside, which is suitable for organizing athletic competitions. In the sports hall there are opportunities to play football, basketball and volleyball. Not only sport events are organized in the hall, but there are annual New-Years-Eve-balls and balls for enterpreneurs etc. Every year the freshmen-party of the school is held there.

17 When our school was opened, a swimming pool was built not far from it. As Paks is near the Danube, it is necessary that students should swim. Swimming is taught at our school even nowadays. Students can go to the swimming pool whenever they want and they have swimming lessons every second week.

18 The atmosphere of the school is very good, teaching is done in young spirit. Teachers and students respect each other. As you can see from the results of the statistics on successful entrance exams our school has a very distinguished place, which is due to the good performance of the students and teachers, too.

19 PROJECT WORK and MEETINGS How we worked on the projekt…

20 Estonia We visited a mini class of 4 students in Rõuge, but one of them was ill, so they were only 3 in the class that day. April. 2004.

21 International supper outside our guest house in Rõuge with foods from the participantss countries. It was really hard work to taste every kind of food.

22 Working period in the wooden guest house in Rõuge.

23 Nosing around in Tallin, the capital city of Estonia.

24 Wonderful Italian capital city is like an open museum. Italy May. 2004.

25 Interview in an old peoples home during the project meeting in Matera.

26 Project work discussion in Antonios school.

27 Looking around the spectacular ancient part of Matera.

28 Slovakia We had some fun in the snow in Slovakia.

29 All the participants introduced their schools in the Town Hall in Hnusta.

30 We visited the museum of the Second Worl War in Banska Bystrica

31 Thats our school building in Paks. Hungary

32 Presentation of some stories of war on the first floor with our director.

33 One of our student is reading another story meanwhile students can see a short film about the teller in the breaktime.

34 A small wall newspaper about our project work and meetings.

35 Thank you for your attention.

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