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2 2 Babits Mihály Gimnázium People have been living on the territory of our town for 2000 years, because of the closeness of the River Danube. Earl István Károlyi issued the Deed of Foundation on April 5. 1840, and the settlement has been named Újpest since 1841. Újpest becam a town in 1907. The population grew rapidly: in 1848 – 638people, in 1890 – 23.000 people and in 1910 – 55.000 people lived there.

3 3 Babits Mihály Gimnázium Újpest, which was an independent town until the year 1950, is a district of Budapest with a population of 120,000 people. BUDAPEST ÚJPEST

4 4 Újpest has 13 primary as well as 5 secondary grammar schools and some technical schools. Babits Mihály Gimnázium

5 5 Our secondary grammar school named after the famous poet Mihály Babits is located in Újpest, in the north of Budapest. Our school! Babits Mihály Gimnázium

6 6 Our school, maintained by the local authorities, was opened in 1986. Today 577 students in 20 classes are educated here. Their work is guided and assisted by 42 teachers and supported by 20 technical workers, who provide all the conditions for proper functioning. Babits Mihály Gimnázium

7 7 There is a 600 m 2 gym and a huge sportsfield on the premises.

8 8 Babits Mihály Gimnázium Students and teachers have the opportunity to use the library of 45,000 books alongside with numerous magazines that serve as the necessary resource material. In class students learn how to use the computer but they also have access to the Internet after the lessons.

9 9 Babits Mihály Gimnázium Our students are 10-18 years of age. Apart from educating them (in every sense of the word) our main aim is to prepare them for admission to colleges and universities.

10 10 Babits Mihály Gimnázium The students of our school have a wide range of foreign languages to choose from English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. To promote language education we strive to establish as many foreign contacts as possible.

11 11 We have participated in several international projects and as a result, our school has become a member school of the European School Network. It includes 24 schools from 10 European countries and it offers an excellent opportunity for international cooperation and students’ exchanges. Further information can be found Babits Mihály Gimnázium

12 12 There is a variety of extra-curricular activities where students have the opportunity to exercise their creativity. A number of children play musical instruments, more than a hundred are members of the school choir and the number of those going in for some sport is also significant. In addition, a chamber choir, a folk dance group, a literary club, a school magazine and drama clubs make school life more colourful. The school magazine is published four times a year and contains articles on school events, on plans for the future and reports on achieving certain goals. All programmes of the school radio, on air twice a week, are also compiled and edited by a group of students. Babits Mihály Gimnázium

13 13 Babits Mihály Gimnázium

14 14 During the summer vacation we organise recreational activities in 8-10 camps or take studens hiking. Babits Mihály Gimnázium

15 15 You are also welcome to our school! Visit us and we will tell you more about the school and about the district of Újpest. Babits Mihály Gimnázium

16 16 Babits Mihály Gimnázium Thank you for your attention! Thank you for your attention!


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