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2 University profile Founded Number of students International students Language of instruction Teaching staff Number of courses Russian, English UNIVERSITY TODAY: 8 institutes 10 faculties library sports facilities recreation centers canteens and cafes

3 Tomsk Polytechnic University - a significant state scientific and educational center of Russia Honored with a status of National Research University in 2009 Ranked the 2nd out of 148 technical universities in Russia

4 Internationally approved Internationally approved International cooperation has been recently one of the priorities of Tomsk Polytechnic University activities. 115-year reputation of reliable international partner of more than 40 universities around the world Member of EUA, CESAER, CLUSTER, SEFI, WFEO and other international associations.

5 TPU uses the main principles of European education system: 2003: Russia joined to Bologna convention Three-cycles system of education: Bachelor – Master - Ph.D. Bachelor – Master - Ph.D. Credit Accumulation and Transfer System, ECTS Academic Exchanges programmes European Diploma Supplement

6 Courses in English Bachelors degree: Duration of study: 4 years Computer Simulation of Material Production, Processing and Treatment Non-Destructive Testing Devices and Techniques High-Voltage Physics and Engineering Electronic Devices and Facilities Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering Mechanical Engineering Management Masters degree: Duration of study: 2 years

7 Courses in Russian Engineering Computer Science Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical Power Engineering Thermal Power Engineering Electrophysics & Electronic Equipment Applied Physics and Engineering Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Geology and Oil & Gas Industry more than 200 courses Bachelors, Masters degree, Engineers/ Specialists Courses

8 Courses in Russian Economics & Management Management Tourism and Hospitality Management Economics Commerce Business Accounting and Audit Enterprise Economics & Management Marketing Humanities & Social Science Advertising Public Relations Social Work Region Studies (Asian-Pacific Area) more than 200 courses

9 Preparatory Course Goal: Russian language training for degree course Russian Language training is main goal of the Preparatory Course. Fields: Engineering Medical/Biological Humanities Economics Successful completing of the Preparatory course is the first step to enter the University in Russia.

10 Short-term courses Russian Language and Culture Winter and Summer School successful learning of Russian language in Russian speaking environment acquaintance with Russian culture and traditions exceptional recreation, comfortable hostel for international students Duration of the course – 3 weeks

11 Unit 1 Russian language (60 academic hours) Unit 2 Diverse cultural program

12 Institute of International Education and Language Communication Academic consulting Admission and visa support Accommodation Medical insurance Support and guidance Cultural events Institute of International Education and Language Communication is a special structural unit of TPU which offers students educational, social, and many other associated services:

13 Material and technical facilities Well-equipped classes

14 Library

15 Dormitory for international students The hostel for international students is located within a few minutes from the University building

16 The hostel provides such facilities as: A gym Internet access Rooms foe comfortable living and studying

17 Campus life International Cultural Center of TPU TPU provides all the opportunities for development of creative, scientific and sport potential

18 Sports Winter soccer

19 Tomsk city The University is located in a beautiful, cultured and friendly city of Tomsk that offers a unique living and learning atmosphere.

20 Tomsk city Founded 1604 Population Universities 6 Students Each 6-th resident of Tomsk is a student! geographic Location: geographic centre of Russia Moscow Tomsk Novosibirsk

21 Tomsk city

22 Tomsk is a student city and has got everything that is necessary for a full students life: concert halls, theatres and museums, cafes and gyms, parks and clubs. Tomsk city



25 Experience a friendly and multinational environment and build life-long friendships at Tomsk Polytechnic University!

26 National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University Institute of International Education and Language Communication 30, Lenin Prospect, , Tomsk, Russia Tel/fax: +7(3822) COME AND JOIN US!


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