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Supporting active lifestyles: Developing your recreational sport provision.

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1 Supporting active lifestyles: Developing your recreational sport provision.

2 Learning objectives Understand why developing opportunities for students to take part in an active lifestyle is important Take away methodology to understand how to develop their current opportunity offering Learn about recreational sport offers from NGBs and examples of activity from other HEIs Know what additional support is available to turn ideas into action

3 Why active lifestyle is important Sport for more than just sports sake Retention rates Employability Mental health Union engagement Student satisfaction + lots more Stats and research Game of Life – Sport & Recreation Alliance Scottish Student Sport

4 Trends in activity provision University fees A competitive market On demand Hyperlocal Credibility

5 Understanding your students Market segmentation: Overview of individual How sporty they are What drives participation Satisfaction with sporting experience Other interests What would encourage them to do more sport How to reach them

6 Market segmentation Ben – Competitive Male Urbanites - Male, recent graduates, with a work-hard, play-hard attitude Jamie – Sports Team Lads - Young blokes enjoying football, pints and pool Chloe – Fitness class friends Young image- conscious females keeping fit and trim Leanne – Supportive Singles - Young busy mums and their supportive college mates Helena Career-Focussed Females - Single professional women, enjoying life in the fast lane

7 Developing your offer How its done at Derby…

8 Developing your offer How to use an innovation matrix: Revolutionary work Evolutionary work Incremental work Minimal work

9 Whats available already National Governing Bodies of Sport – specific offers for HE institutions Active Universities – what are the options tried and tested by other institutions World outside HE – who else is innovating in their physical activity provision

10 Implementing your ideas In creating your offer need to consider: Who are you targeting What will you deliver Where will you deliver How will you deliver How will you promote How will you retain

11 Questions?

12 What next? Get in touch: @Fiona_Ellison Briefings: Active lifestyles Developing fixtures and IMS programmes Working in partnership Next webinar: Thursday 17 th April 12 -1 Developing your RAG

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