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Ch. 6 Sports & Conditioning

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1 Ch. 6 Sports & Conditioning
Lesson 1: Individual and Team Sports

2 List as many different sports as you can.
BELL ACTIVITY List as many different sports as you can.

3 Opening Questions What role do sports play in a healthy lifestyle?
How can you choose which sports to play? What are some benefits of competition?

4 Sports & You p. 150 Start & follow a well-thought-out exercise program. One way to remain fit is to play sports. Some people play sports for fun, others make a serious commitment. Commitment – a pledge or promise.

5 Commitment…. p. 150 Involves dedicating yourself to something over a period of time. If you’re committed to a sport, you learn all you can about it, practice regularly, and work to develop the necessary skills. Becoming involved in sports can result in a lifetime of fitness. Tennis, golf, and swimming are good lifetime sports (for people of any age)

6 Choosing Sports Activities
What do you like about sports? Staying fit? The excitement? Satisfaction of mastering a skill? You’ll be most likely to get the greatest benefit out of a sport if you enjoy it.

7 Individual Sports Individual sports are physical activities you can take part in by yourself or with a friend, without being part of a team. Biking Hiking Swimming Running Horseback riding Skateboarding Surfing Skating

8 Individual Sports p. 151 Several advantages:
You can set your own schedule Determine your level of commitment. You don’t have to be compared to anyone else. You can set the pace of the activity. On the other hand… You miss some of the social, mental, and emotional benefits of playing on a team.

9 Team Sports Team Sports – organized physical activities with specific rules, played by opposing groups of people. Examples: Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball. Many advantages: companionship and encouragement of teammates and coaches, playing against another team may push you to excel, keeping up with regularly scheduled practice can help you become more responsible.

10 Sports & Competition p. 152 Most sports can be played on several levels: to increase your degree of fitness, to improve your skills, or with the goal of competition. Competition – rivalry between two or more individuals or groups trying to reach the same goal. When you play team sports competitively, your goal is to help your team win the game. In an individual competitive sport, your goal is to run faster, jump higher, and score more points than the other person.

11 The Value of Competition Fig. 6.1
A. Competition gives you a reason to work hard, practice, and make your best effort. B. Competition helps you develop mental focus, a skill that will be useful in other areas of your life. C. Competition allows you to learn the value of encouraging others and receiving their encouragement. D. Competition offers you a chance to improve your skills and feel good about your accomplishments.

12 Video Benefits of swimming

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