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1 Get Active Positive Steps for Mental Health Robert Nesbitt

2 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK SAMH Established in 1923 Rights and Treatment Focussed on bringing about Change

3 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Elevator Test Community Based Services Policy and Campaigns National Programmes Charity

4 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Every year we provide over a million hours of support to people who need our help. Every week, we work with around 3000 people in over 80 services.

5 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK SAMH National Programme Get Active

6 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK NATIONAL PROGRAMME National Awareness Raising Campaign Learning and Education Modules National Conference Event Community Engagement Projects

7 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK National Awareness Raising Campaign Multi-Media social marketing campaign Promotion / preservation of good mental health : 3 in 4 of population Alignment of good mental health with physical health

8 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Learning and Education Modules Target national sports associations & bodies Working with Key Stakeholders developing and promoting understanding Amateur to elite; across the lifespan

9 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK National Conference Event Learning from 2009 – 2011 Plan for sustainability Legacy preparation for 2014 Commonwealth Games

10 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Support Partners : Multi Agency Strategic commitment £400,000 funding Phase I

11 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Community Engagement Projects 10 pilot sites across Scotland Target of 1000 people engaged Inclusion, participation and routes out of poor mental health

12 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Projects: Overcoming Barriers & Promoting Self Management Street Soccer Walking with Friends Get Active Project Dance Project Tennis Project Branching Out Step it Up Get Active: Get Sorted Street Soccer Academy Cycling Project

13 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Barriers Isolation Low Self Esteem Lack of Motivation Culture Anxiety – It’s New Environments Communication Lack of Confidence Lost of Purpose Lost of Identity Reluctance Lifestyle choices “It really helped me going with friends…. I wouldn’t have mixed as much… been like a crab….. wouldn’t have had the confidence to go into town or walk home.” Male, Age 24, Glasgow

14 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Branching Out “It helped me a lot, a great deal, cause if it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t have got out that door. I wouldn’t have come out. So it’s done a great deal for me…

15 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Street Soccer

16 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Moving towards Self Management Structure Volunteering Adult Education Socially Involved Accessing Supports More Control Increased Confidence Identity Direction Opening Dialogue Looking at the future Purpose Building friendships Creating a Home Employment INCLUSIONINCLUSION

17 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Get Active: Facilitating Self Management + Recognising Achievement + Promoting Opportunities + Focused Upon Abilities “WHAT NEXT ?” THINKING No Activity Thinking About Activity Sampling Activity Sustained Activity Promoting Self Management

18 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Get Active for All /viewourads

19 WWW.SAMH.ORG.UK Words of Encouragement “Come on, is that it, is that as high as you can kick; its like this. You are going to get press ups if you don’t try harder” Rebecca age 7

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