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1960s Fashion.

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1 1960s Fashion

2 Prior to the British invasion on fashion in 1964, sixties fashion was a continuation of the late 1950s. Women usually wore very smart, feminine designs. They were also heavily influenced by style icons such as the US President Kennedy's wife, Jackie and film actresses such as Audrey Hepburn.

3 However with the influence of the Beatles in came a new and very different fashion influence - not Paris or Milan but "swinging" London. By the mid 1960s new colours, patterns and fabrics were being used to make clothes young, fresh and exciting.

4 Twiggy was know as the first British Supermodel, as she was on the cover of every major fashion and teen magazine of the 1960s.

5 Mary Quant Mary Quant's influence on fashion of the 1960s was enormous. She is most famous for the mini skirt/dress, as well as her simple daisy motif. She is also responsible for making sleek bob haircuts and smoky eye make-up popular. She regularly worked with the model Twiggy and her shop ‘Bazaar’ was the place to be in London. The Beatles often popped in to buy designs for their girlfriends.

6 Zandra Rhodes Zandra Rhodes is known for her unconventional designs and look, she was heavily influenced by art of the 1960s. She designed and made her own prints and materials, expressing her love of bold and colourful patterns.

7 In 1966 an American company introduced a disposable dress into their shop, as part of a promotional gimmick. It sold for only $1.00. However, they sold an amazing 500,000 dresses in the first eight months! Only a few years after the invention of the paper dress, this ‘fad’ disappeared.

8 Mods and Rocker The mods (modernists) and rockers were two rival 'tribes' who both existed in the sixties and believed in different values, music and fashion ideals. Rockers tended to be more rebellious and wore scruffier clothes - black leather jackets and jeans with black leather boots. They rode around on motorbikes. Mods were well dressed urban youngsters and portrayed a clean look. Twiggy was a mod icon. Teenager mods often rode scooters.

9 Psychedelic The psychedelic fashion fully embraced all the bold and bright colourful patterns of the 1960s.

10 Space Age In the 1960s the great race to become the first country to land on the moon began, this had an influence upon the fashion and films of the era. Different materials were used such as discs of metal or plastic linked together with wire.

11 Hippie’s As anti-war demonstrations grew stronger, a new hippie look came into fashion. Hippies were carefree and wore casual, loose clothing such as caftans, bell bottom trousers and long dresses. Many were decorated with tie dye. The 1969 Woodstock musical festival in New York was at the height of the hippie fashion.

12 The sixties was also the decade in which fashion for Men became important and extremely popular.

13 Over to you...

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