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1960’s Quiz Do you know…?.

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1 1960’s Quiz Do you know…?

2 Which Hair Style was Popular?
Straight with Bangs Pixie Cut Feathered

3 Hairstyles Models from Britain such as Twiggy made short hair popular in the United states. Twiggy was also known for making fake eyelashes a fashionable accessory in the 1960s. Bangs and long straight hair was considered“sexy” during the 60s. Younger women and teenagers were going for this look.

4 Which Fashion They Wore?
Hippie Style Mini Skirt Poodle Skirt

5 Fashion The mini skirt created by Mary Quant became a high fashion trademark during the 60s. Mods: London Modernists known as “Mods”were the fashion drivers of the 1960s. They had a modern approach to fashion by redefining clothes using bright colors and lots of geometric patterns. They also had a modern approach to makeup use by using bright colors and more makeup such as eyeliner and fake eyelashes.


7 Jackie Kennedy Jackie Kennedy made the pillbox hat, a must have item in American closets. She was the main figure of fashion during this time.

8 This look came later: Tie-died shirts, headbands, beads, bellbottoms, sandals, buck-skin vests, Mexican peasant blouses, scarves, and being in public without a bra and no shoes were the fashion trends of the late 60s.

9 Which Shoe They Were Wearing?

10 Which was more Mainstream?
Top Bottom


12 Which was more Mainstream?


14 Since the federal government approved birth control in over 80% of women were using oral contraception. This affected the rate of child birth significantly as less children were being born.


16 Sexual Revolution

17 Sexual Revolution The ‘60s saw a revolution in the realm of human sexuality and the CC was largely responsible for it. The CC scoffed at their parents’ values & called them sexually repressed. -- They called for “free love” or casual sex. Medical advances, like the birth control pill, made sexual activity without fear of pregnancy easier. Soon the country was seeing the effects of this “new freedom”- women went braless, movies showed sex b/w men and women, & songs made explicit references to sex It should also be noted that the gay rights movement began as a result of this new freedom There was also an incredible rise in STDs &, despite improved birth control, illegitimate children born

18 Women’s Liberation Movement


20 True or False The 1960’s had a higher drug use than the 1970’s or 1980’s.

21 Truth about Drug Use 1960’s “In popular imagination, the 1960s were the heyday of illegal drug use -- but historical data indicate they probably weren't. In fact, surveys show that drug abuse was comparably rare, as was accurate information about the effects of illegal drugs. In a Gallup poll, only 4% of American adults said they had tried marijuana.” “My generation was told that marijuana caused acne, blindness, and sterility,” –Alana Anderson, a child custody officer who graduated college in 1969 60s-70s.aspx

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